Last Night at BSM

September 10, 2018

Last night at BSM, Rev. Laura Colee led us in meditating on Mark 8:27-37 where Jesus asks the disciples: “Who do you say I am?”  This question lingers; calling us to identify and face the God whom we strive to follow.  We find Jesus the Messiah–vulnerable sacrificial love–who calls us by name, and who is ever reminding us that we are loved.

Listen to the sermon here.

The faith community lifts these prayers up to God:

This week I pray for strength to have a difficult conversation I know I’ve been putting off.  I pray for guidance to know myself and what I want and for awareness not to hurt others while I figure it out.  Amen.

I pray that I can understand and experience God’s love and grace, and know how to express this with my partner.