Last night at BSM

September 6, 2015

Last night, Rev. Sammie Evans brought at word from Mark 7:24-37.

A woman, who was not part of Jesus’ ethnic group approached him looking for healing. Jesus instead of offering healing, told her that the bread for children should not be thrown to the dogs. The woman however, responded to Jesus by saying, “Even the children eat the crumbs under the table.” This response changed the course of Jesus’ ministry. Now instead of only focusing on the people in his community, he made an intentional effort to reach out to those not like him. What this story teaches us is that the crumbs could have been enough, but Jesus was willing to cross boundaries to extend an extravagant welcome to those different from him. Who is that person or group of people different from you that you can extend an extravagant welcome to? You can listen here.

Tony and the Motley Order Choir lead us in: Victory is mine, Precious Lord, Wade in the Water

Our community also offered the following prayers:

I thank God so, so much for my friend *****. I thank you for the joy she has brought me and the things she has shown me about who you really are. Thank you for happiness.


I thank you for ******. Please bless her and sustain her this week.


For the city of Philadelphia particularly those in most need of hope and encouragement. May Pope Francis’ visit here have a deep effect.


For members of my community who are sick with social diseases: poverty, unemployment, stress and homelessness. Too many people go unnoticed and have become sufferers of chronic social disease and paralysis. My true desire is to see their troubles alleviated and my community be restored to wellness. Thank you very much.


Sing and praise—more and set free!


Please pray for a speedy and successful conclusion to my ongoing job search. Thank God for family, friends, good health. Please pray for my Uncle ******* upcoming funeral service (on Tuesday) in Ft. Scott, KS.


Oh, God help me to stop being controlling. I don’t know the source of this, but it has to stop.


Please pray for me to be filled with the joy of the Lord and be renewed every day.


For BSM. For everyone—that they be welcome at the table. For my kids and Mrs. For those in pain. For Philadelphia. For kindness and peace. For the children of Amigos de Jesus.


Lord please be with me as I prepare to move to New Zealand. Please continue to give me clear guidance in regards to work and housing. Please also fill me with your peace during this most stressful time.


Please pray for my aunt who is having recurrent illness and hospitalization. For peace and healing. Thank you.

Be with ****** as he prepares for his exams; touch ****** with your healing grace. Amen.


I pray for healing and for the rest of this very stressful month. That’s all I can think to put into words but nearly everything needs praying for. I thank God for good art though.


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