Last Night at BSM

September 24, 2018

Last night at BSM, Allen Rascoe led us in meditating on Matthew 1:18-24 where Christmas came early!  Yet, it is never too early for Emmanuel.  God is with us through all the ups and downs of life; changing us from squishy caterpillars to beautiful butterflies!

The faith community lifted these prayers to God:

I am thankful for my new friend ****, and I am thankful for hope that I may not be alone.

Please pray for: ****–God’s comfort and healing; ****–for her courage, her hope, God’s provision; Me–God’s wisdom and vision daily; ****–her strength and power as our pastor.

**** to see, hear, know God’s voice.  To continue developing the gifts of the Holy Spirit especially prophecy and healing.

For the family of my cousin, ****, who passed away on ****.  He leaves behind a wife and three young children.  Prayers of consolation and comfort as they and the rest of his family grieve this unexpected death.

I praise and thank God for improved health.  I pray that God will pave a path for me to get into grad school @ **** for a **** start date.

Pray for ****, ****, ****, and all the families in Philadelphia who’ve been traumatized by loss in recent days.  Pray for my wife ****, that she may rediscover the meaning and purpose of her work.

I pray for: employment, peace, courage, love.  I am thankful for: God’s presence, the community around me.

I pray for my friends going through difficult times, it seems like everyone has a cloud on them. I pray for our country where we can’t even keep track of everything that’s wrong.  I pray for healing in the midst of chaos.  Amen.

Dear God, I am quiet today–and thankful for Broad Street Ministry.  Wonderful service.

Guidance for myself and my husband as we try to plan for our future.

For ****, who tragically passed a year ago today.  For ****, ****’s sister, who is in deep mourning.  For the **** family to know God with them through this pain.