Last Night at BSM

October 29, 2018

Last night at BSM, Rev. Carla Jones Brown led us in meditating on Mark 10:46-51 where Jesus heals the blind man Bartimaeus; revealing how God is a healer!

Listen to the sermon here.

The faith community offered these prayers to God:

Please pray that my family stays safe, and gets free from addiction.  Prayers for my spirituality to get stronger.  Prayers to prosper, if only to have the basics in life, and my family reunited.  Prayers for me to find shelter this week.  Thank you.

I pray for reassurance and a way to move forward.  I pray for safety for my children and protection for their bodies and minds.

Dear God, thank you for my love and the family I was born into.  Help me be your witness.

Jesus, please let me change and help others and show them love.  Help me to show your love each day.

I pray for a fresh start for my family and myself.  We are moving into a new home on **** and I ‘d like to pray that all the evil is cast out, and all is new and fresh and happy as we start this new journey.


I pray in thanksgiving for ****’s new job and my upcoming trip to see her in ****.  I am thankful that I can see her!

Prayers for ****: for health, finance, strength, guidance, righteousness, love, and peace.

I would appreciate it if you all could pray for myself and my family.  Me and a few of my immediate family members have the disease of addiction. I’m asking that you ask the Lord to help lift the temptation. the urges and side-effects of this disease from me, my family, and my loved ones.  I pray every day to keep my family and friends safe from this lifestyle and the evil that comes with it at times, and to reunite me with my two amazing children and keep them from this lifestyle.

Prayers for ****–for God’s will to be done in his life.

Prayers for Ms. ****’s health and for dad’s peace.  Prayers for mom’s strength and joy despite the challenges this life has given her. Prayers for me to know what they need and how can I support them with your help.  Thank you.  You are powerful.

Prayers for discernment, for a path forward, for wisdom.

I ask for God’s provision of a job.  I ask for acceptance in my partner’s family.

Prayers for the health of my parents.

All we need here, God, is a lucky breeze, a little accident to tilt us towards the right.  God of what-happened-I-don’t-know, a push towards the kingdom please, and out of here.

Please be with the Tree of Life family.  Please be with those that are vulnerable and marginalized, especially those experiencing homelessness and those that identify as LGBTQIA+.  Please be with **** and **** and give them the strength they need to be the children you intended.

Prayers for the Tree of Life Synagogue and all their loved ones.  Prayers for Louisville, and all black churches and communities crying out for safety.  Prayers for everyone just trying to save themselves, to stay alive, to make it through another day…

Lord, this shooting in Squirrel Hill has shaken me. Please be with my friends who worship at L’Simcha, those who knew Dr. Rabinowitz, and all those who call and have called that vibrant and loving community a home. Help Pittsburgh to be more loving and inclusive in light of this hate, not less.