Last Night at BSM

November 5, 2018

In celebration of  All Saints Day, Rev. Laura Colee led us in meditating on Isaiah 43:1-17.  This day serves as a time to remember the many saints that make up the universal Church. We not only remember the people who have passed away, but also the people who have moved on from BSM and have left their mark on our faith community. In the passage from Isaiah, God promises the Israelites to gather exiles back together into God’s embrace.  We participate in God’s gathering embrace by calling out the names of those who built BSM, and those who continue to be part of shaping us today and into the future.

The faith community lifted these prayers to God:

Prayers for discernment for my life in general–specifically to help discern my “calling” or “vocation” or whatever.

Please pray for me to find a job (again) and also progress in my career path, or I need to move home to ****.  Thanks for healing for people with cancer.  All are in remission!  Thanks for the privileges of good friends and family and also travel.  I am amazingly lucky and well supported!

Traveling mercies as I head to **** on ****.  May I enjoy the time with my daughter.  May I also find some courage to make some changes.  Prayers for **** as she heals from the loss of her husband.

I am thankful to Jesus for all that was given to me the past year.

Prayers for strength when facing a tough upcoming week.

Remembering the **** family (**** and ****).

Prayers for my dad, who I miss so much.  Prayers for my friends who are mourning their first holidays without parents.  Prayers for my loved ones in recovery who are preparing for substance-free holidays.

Prayers for **** as she transitions out of a job and contemplates a new position.  Prayers for ma’s health and peace.  Prayers to know who I am and whose I am.