Last Night at BSM

November 12, 2018

Last night at BSM, Rev. Laura Colee led us in meditating on Luke 12:13-21.  We are challenged to actively resist the want for bigger and better in a consumer-driven society.  We can find deep peace in enough!

Listen to the sermon here.

The faith community offered these prayers to God:

I ask for guidance in the challenging decisions I need to make.  I pray that I can be more loving towards myself.

Thanks to God for my transition and all the people supporting me!  Thanks to God for our diverse and dedicated city of Philadelphia. Thanks to God for the spirit of resistance and for everyone working for justice.

Prayers for **** as he determines “what is next?”  Prayers for **** as she prepares for surgery.  Prayers for the **** as they mourn the loss of ****’s father.  Prayers for **** as she finishes one chapter and looks to the next.

Prayers for the family, friends, and neighbors of ****, who died in a house fire this week. Prayers for ****, that she may figure out what is making her sick and that there may be hope in the diagnosis.

Please pray for my sister and I during our trip.  Please be with **** and her family during this time.  Please be with us on Wednesday during the quarterly homeless count, and help me help others.  Please be with my mom and dad as they deal with some stressful issues.

At every opportunity I will work to free the captive so that he won’t turn in harm and tangle this knot faster further.  Amen.

I pray for peace and love.

Prayers for ****’s and dad’s health, and our travel this week.

Prayers for the board meeting on Tuesday where we’ll be talking about money.  Lord God, help us to be the community you call us to be. Provide the money we need!

I am grateful to God for new opportunities and a new job, new relationship, and new level of introspection.  Lord, help me to bring my best gifts, strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerability to all of these.  In Jesus’s name I pray.