Last Night at BSM

December 3, 2018

Last night at BSM, Rev. Laura Colee led us in meditating on Exodus 19:16-20; 20:18-21 where we explored God’s presence with us in dark and unknown places; replacing fear with hope.

The faith community offered these prayers to God:

Prayer for transition. Might be moving home to ****, very soon. Out of time to establish stable career (finance wise).  Still have some potential opportunities!  But, they may not come through.

I pray that I can hold darkness as it comes into my life this week.

I pray for the homeless and poverty stricken people.  May they stay warm and have enough to eat during these cold winter months.

I’m thankful for my health, strength, and the compassion in my heart.  May all be healthy, strong, compassionate, and loving. I pray for those affected by homicide in this city.  May they be comforted; knowing peace and safety.

I pray for open hearts and listening ears for my family.

Thank you, God, for this beautiful service.  Please help me find the courage to plan my mother’s memorial service, including a short performance by ****. **** and ****.  Amen.

You are going to do as You have always been going to do.  What could I ask of You that wouldn’t be You longing to bring forward the world that You were always going to bring?  I pray to be present, to notice, to witness what you make.  It’s what I’m made for and I will try.

Please give me strength and patience during this job search time.  Please help give me the tools to help solve the homelessness crisis. Please help me with my anxiety and depression during the holidays.

Lord God, thank you for this family at BSM.  Bring the resources we need to grow.

Dearest Father, we ask that you bless us with a baby.  We pray for healing for all those in mourning, especially in mourning for those that chose to leave this world on their own.  We pray for total and complete healing for all mothers and fathers and daughters and sons with broken hearts.

Just let me make it through this month in one piece, amen.

Prayers for **** and ****; struggling to see the truth.  Prayers for their family stability as they decide what life may look like next.

Prayers for healing for my family.  Prayers for peace; dealing with loss during holidays.