Last Night at BSM

January 7, 2019

Last night at BSM, Rev. Laura Colee led us in meditating on Matthew 2:1-11 where blessings flow. Let us see the giftedness and sacredness existing within every person!

Listen to the sermon here.

The faith community offered these prayers to God:

Help me restore communication with those I need in my life as well as how to share You with others, God. Please help me to obtain the funds needed for the trip you are calling me to go on.

Discernment about life and my future seminary?  Jobs? And vocation?  And decision making.  I’m bad at that–kind of goes hand-in-hand with discernment.

I am grateful for the crazy trick-riding motorcycle gangs that race down Market Street before and after church.

Prayers for the health of my family.  Prayers for my mental health.

Dear Lord, thank you for the music and everyone who calls BSM a home.  Help remind me that I am a better and happier person when I come to worship.

Please pray for my grandmother who recently moved after a home foreclosure; that she would feel at peace in her new space and a sense of hope for the future.  Thank you.

I give thanks for making it through the holidays and I pray for all the things I have to do in January, which hasn’t slowed down.  I give thanks for my new diagnosis of **** and I pray for the coping skills I get to learn now.  I give thanks for the new lawmakers in our country and I pray for them as they fight for change.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus.  May you lay your hands on **** as she has entered hospice. She is still so strong in mind and is so proud of her children and grandchildren.  She has been such a friend to me and I had the opportunity to tell her and we ended with “I love you”.  Thank you, Lord.  Thank you, Jesus.

Thank you, God for showing me my place in this world.  Please continue to show me thy will.  Please continue to bless my family and my partner.

I pray for strength and perseverance in job searching.