Last Night at BSM

January 23, 2019

Last night at BSM, Rev. Laura Colee led us in meditating on John 5:2-9. Honoring MLK, we are challenged to confront complacency. God calls us to trouble quiet waters; seeking justice and peace for all.

Listen to the sermon here.

The faith community lifted these prayers to God:

Please pray for ****, ****, ****, and my mom.  Also, for our government representatives, and the many people affected negatively by the shutdown. 

Prayers for **** and his family as his mother is dying.  Prayers of healing and peace for the family of ****. 

Please pray for my grandmother who is struggling with depression after my grandfather’s death, and for my aunt who just had foot surgery—for her recovery and health. 

I’m thankful for new love in my life.  Help me to give & let my heart be given to. 

Prayers for the health of my family.  Prayers for my mental health. 

God help me to hear you and follow you.