Last Night at BSM

March 25, 2019

Last night at BSM, Evan Hansen led us in reflecting on 1 Kings 17:8-16 where we engaged with a story of liberation.  We are called to recklessly trust God with all that we are and everything we have!

Listen to the sermon here.

The faith community lifted these prayers to God:


God I pray that I am able to trust in you more and remember that you love me when I feel unloved, unloveable, and lonely. God, I pray that you continue to heal me and pave a way for me and that I will be able to attend school successfully.  

Pray for my **** & my wife who carries it. **** and her family. ****. All my students, especially ****, ****, ****, and ****.

God, thank you, thank you. Help me know how to talk to my son about respecting women in all ways. Thank you for the connection to my dad. Please be with him. Please stay with him. Amen. 

Sometimes, when I think of things that happened in the past, I get so mad and I do not know what to do. And being in the past does not make me feel better. There seems nothing to do. 

Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus, we are needing to pray for the Midwest flooding, the **** Family, also the flooding in other areas. We ask and pray for safety with our streets. May women be free from domestic violence and be free to be strong. May all children, no matter what, have and receive an education at every level. Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus. 

Thank you Lord, for my faith. Make it deepen, please. I pray for **** to have a successful surgery and quick recovery. 

I ask for prayer for the months to come, for the planning, and preparation. I pray I will walk in God’s path through this time.  

Dear Father, please bless our **** to grow and develop. Please care for **** and **** in healing. Please guide us into your light and help us to lead others into your love.