Last Night at BSM

April 3, 2019

Last night at BSM, Rachel Johnson lead us in meditating on Mark 1:1-12 where we see boundary-breaking Jesus and a God who shows up in the places of deepest pain in our world.

Listen to the sermon here:


Dear God, Thank you for ***. Please guide me in all that I do. Help me to always remember you. Thank you for bringing my son back from Spring Break safely. Amen.

I pray that the Lord my God will be ever present in my partnership and through other relationships.

Please be with *** and her family as she struggles her marriage. Please be with *** as she gets read to deliver twins next month.

Thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus. We pray the PA House accepts the new Muslim rep. from Philadelphia—her son was killed by gun violence so she is a ‘real’ advocate for gun laws that will help and assist public and safety issues. Islamaphobia is alive and well in Philadelphia. Let us move forward. We only have one God. Thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus.

God, Seeking guidance for the “what’s next??” Trying not to freak out. Trying to think clearly, take deep breathes and to be bold. Help me really see myself and all I can do.

Keep me awake and let me see. Hold my eyes open while I breathe. Help me feel the needs of others until I bend my knees and plead with you for mercy.

Please pray for my mother, brother, and I on our vacation this week, and pray that I may take time to be still, reflect and think before I speak.

I’m thankful for *** recovery from surgery. I’m thankful for ***’s presence gifts with us for a season. I pray for my mother as she plans to move from her home. I pray for *** good health!

Please pray for:
My daughter and her boyfriend *** that they may grow in respect and love for each other.
A new job for ***.
Pray for new doors and closed doors as I enter a new job search.
My friend *** who is having dietary surgery in April.