Last night at BSM

December 13, 2015

Last night in worship, John Francis Maher took to the pulpit to deliver his very first sermon (sans guitar) at BSM. He preached a sermon titled “Creatively Maladjusted” from the gospel passage Luke 3:7-14. John Francis brought a word of comfort to those who feel maladjusted to the norms of society, asserting that it is through our brokenness and outsider status that we are able to participate in preparing the way for the Lord. There is an outsider status that BSM has in this city and world, and we hope and pray that this will enable us to listen closely to what God is calling us to do.

Our beloved and faithful congregation offered these prayers to our community near and far:

I am looking for a job.  Please pray for me.  Thanks.


God I’m just trying to find love.  Please bless the relationship that I’m in.  As you work on my heart, I pray you work on hers.  Help us to be humble, honest, and to find common ground.  I love you dearly, and as doubt settles in, I take comfort in knowing that you want this for me as well.  I praise you.  Amen.


Dear Father, Please remove insincerities, selfishness, and pride from our relationships.  Bless **** and I to make a life together, christened through your love.  Help us be a blessing to the world and your people.  Heal the relationships in my family.  Bless **** and her kids, giving them hope and strength through us.  All my love, ****


I pray for help with my crippling anxiety.  I do not want to just barely make it, but I hope that someday I may flourish.


  1. Church member’s brother is dying. Please pray for comfort of the family and his confession of faith.  2.  Remember our leaders local, state, and federal that they will seek the good of the people.  3.  My class on justice and mercy is ending at **** Theological Seminary – that I’ll complete the final 8-page paper before 12/21/15.


Please pray for my sister and her family to heal and for them to find strength, peace, and kindness in their hearts.  I pray that **** does the right thing and that he cares enough to do so.


My friends **** and **** are struggling with loneliness, feeling stuck where they are and lacking financial resources.  Prayers that 2016 brings new things for them.


My wife and I are homeless and we are looking for a church that loves and helps indiscriminately.


Some weeks I just don’t know what to pray for.  Amen.


For self: job, $, moving, cynicism and bitterness replaced with hope and peace

For world: echo part of communion prayer – welcome refugees without fear.


Pray for me and my family –****.


Dear Lord, 1.  Pray for my staff and students.  2.  Pray for **** and I.  3.  Thanks for listening.  –****


Pray for the restored health of a close friend.


Prayers for peace and perspective


For BSM; for Amigos di Jesus and safety in Honduras; for my mom, my kids, and ****; for Philadelphia – may the spirit of this season produce a kinder city into 2016; for BSM.  Have a good week!


For those who are sick and for those experiencing fear.