Last Night at BSM

December 20, 2015

Last night, Rev. David Norse brought us a word from Luke 1: 39-55. He preached on happens when we find ourselves in difficult times, asserting that Elizabeth and Mary show us the power of setting out with haste to be with someone we trust who can feel the Holy Spirit move in us and give testimony to what God is up to in and through us. This can open us up to go deep with God, to the heart of the matter, of what God is doing in the world, even when everything around us seems crazy. The world tries to silence many of us, but the Holy Spirit and the power of community can work to allow each and every one of us tell our stories. Elliot Flett shared an original poem called “Aimless,” to give witness to the experience of feeling unable to share one’s story. You can listen to the sermon and the poem here.

After worship, we traveled as a community to visit Mike Kravitz and sing carols!

Our community offered the following prayers:

Dear Father, Please enter and transform my relationship with my mom – please help me to be in communication with her in a new way.  Please work in **** and my relationship – work through us, bring us your love, and back us how to light the world.  Please grant travelers mercy this week.  Thank you for all your love and generosity and miraculous grace.  You give me life, and I love you.  Love, ****


I pray that my friend **** may find people to spend Christmas with and not feel alone.  I fly to **** tomorrow and I pray for a meaningful week with family and friends there.


Pray for my family and me that we may open to this revolution that God calls us to and BSM is giving as the opportunity to carry out.


Lord/JC: 1. Pray for **** and I.  2. Pray for our families this holiday.  3. Pray for the Eagles.  4. Pray for those who can’t pray. –****


Pray for my brother ****.  He has to be the parent to his parents because they can’t take care of themselves.  Pray for our world and our climate and that we might be the ones who change to stop further change.  Amen.


Dear God, I ask again to make me whole by giving me a partner, a someone to share these blessings and gifts with.  Amen.


That **** and I would get stronger in our relationships and work issues.  Resolve for myself and my friend.


Right now I am feeling like dust, needing to be made beautiful.  At a crossroads in a relationship and uncertain which way to step.  Worrying for my sweet boy.  Wondering about vocation and calling.  Lord, in Your mercy.


After over a year of change and exploration, I registered for classes.  And now I’m doubting myself.  I ask for prayers for discernment.  I ask for prayers to quiet my heart during this Christmas season, to listen both to those voices that are often silenced and to God’s voice.


Pray for all Muslims everywhere and that the U.S. is not seized by fear and hatred.  Keep everyone safe and level-headed during the Holiday Season, and that equality is recognized by all.


Please pray for my son who is having surgery this week.  I hope the surgery is successful and his recovery quick.


****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, and ****.  Bless and keep all the Elizabeths named here and all the others too.


Prayers for an ill friend, may she be healed and make a full recovery.  Prayer for all the divisions of our society.


Prayers for perspective.  Prayers for peace and health of my family.  Prayers to strengthen my relationships.


God, thank you for ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, and ****.  Thank you for **** and the beautiful choir and thank you for all these beautiful people.  Please bless us.  Inspire and encourage us.  Amen.


Christmas is bumming me out.  I pray for help this week with all of the Holiday celebrations which are always so hard for me.  Thank you.


For BSM, its guests and staff.  For Amigos de Jesus and Honduras.  For a kind Philadelphia.  May we all find our Elizabeths.  For my family – thank you for them!  Be safe and happy.


I hope to be free of all my many insecurities, be comfortable in my own skin.  Do not want to suppress my feelings any more.


Pray for my family, especially ****.

Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality and creating a spiritual home for all, especially those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. For more information click here.