Last Night at BSM

December 28, 2015

Last night, one of our Seminary Field Education Interns, Anders Edstrom, brought us a word from Luke 2:41-52 entitled “God & Son, INC.” Anders preached about how part of what it meant for Jesus to be human was that he had to wrestle with his vocation and how it would look given what he saw around him in the world. We are called after Christmas to wrestle with our vocation, or that thing God is calling us to do in the world. We should be asking questions of how our faith informs how we respond to the needs we see in our neighborhoods, city, state, country, and world. You can listen here.

Tony and the Motley Order Choir led us in: Joy to the World, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,  Oh Holy Night, Viva la Vida, and Go Tell it on the Mountain.

Our community also offered the following prayers:

Please pray from my brother who struggles everyday with drug addiction.


Pray for healing and reconciliation for family. Personally praying for clarity and depth of vocation…creative arts.


I pray that I grow in my faith. I also pray that I will continue to progress towards receiving a kidney. I pray for BSM and all that its done for me in my short time in the community.


Thank you, God, that you are more powerful than the grip of addiction. Lord have mercy on my family members who live in the grip of alcoholism. Help me to grow in compassion for them.



Please pray for my aunt who is in the hospital again, for her peace and healing. Thank you for praying for school, and please pray that it will go well and I will stay focused this semester.


Thank God for my new job; long prayed for these past seven months. Thank all at BSM who have prayed for and supported me and my family. Thank God for our new puppy—Woody—and for the joy he bring to our home. Pray for all the guests of BSM and for the seemingly tireless staff and volunteers who support them and their varied needs. Pray for our local, state and national political leaders and candidates—they need it.


Pray that the world will live in community. A place where we accept everyone and make each other gifts known.


Pray for those experiencing loss and loneliness this holiday season.


Please help ***** find her way. Please be with ***** and help him to be the man you have created him to be. Please help me take Jesus with me.


Lord, I feel pulled towards “the next” without knowing what it is. Please help me to let go of all that holds me back.


My friend ****** and her pregnancy. My father-in-law’s health. My friends’ marriage. My mom and her struggles with her job.


So ready to get away.


Please hold in prayer my family and a close friends’ family, both with fathers suffering from bipolar disorder. Please hold in prayer Sarabeth.


God, let your mercy be for me a blessing, not an excuse. May the good things always be within reach. Amen.

Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality and creating a spiritual home for all, especially those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. For more information click here.