Last Night at BSM

January 11, 2016

Last night, Rev. Andy Greenhow brought us a word from Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 entitled “The Wheat and the Chaff.” Andy preached about how we need to rethink the traditional understanding that there are wheat people and chaff people. There are not wheat and chaff people, but only wheat and chaff behaviors. What Jesus came to do was show us how to live, which is the wheat, as opposed to what we shouldn’t be doing which is the chaff. In this, Jesus challenges what we to do and what we value. Are there certain wheat behaviors we need to be doing? Are there certain behaviors we are doing that need to be burned away like chaff? You can listen here.

We were led in worship in: We’ve Come This Far by Faith, Wake Up Everybody, I Need You to Survive, and Love is the Answer.

Our community also offered the following prayers:

Please pray for ***** who is dealing with her 42 year old son’s 15 year addiction to drugs. She needs her higher power’s help letting *******’s higher power be his salvation. Let go and let God, etc., etc., etc. Thank you!


Pray for judges and political leader at all levels who make the best decisions possible and use the best judgments possible.


I lift up my friend ***** who desperately needs a new job, a boost in confidence and friends/mentors she can lean on. I pray for wisdom in vocation, wisdom in how to best use my time to advocate for the voiceless and wisdom in nurturing my spiritual life.


Praise the Lord for this new year, my birthday, BSM, the Lord’s favor as I continue seminary on 2-6-16.


I pray for help with an eventual end to all of the anxiety and depression that I keep experiencing. I am terribly afraid; sometimes I know why, and at other times I do not. I pray that God may heal me, and that God will keep my children safe. Thank you.


Pray that God provides financially this semester for boolas, dues, and such. Pray that I finish my junior thesis by next Friday.


Thanks for solid community at home. Help me figure out what I want and how to challenge myself and others. Give me courage. I pray for people who are too busy. Make it so that work and rest enrich each other.


God I don’t really have the words to pray. I feel a longing today. Show your face to your people. Show them how to be. How to care and love themselves and your world. Help ***** because we don’t know how to. Or can’t. I’m not sure which. Please help him.


Please continue to pray for my studies and family, as things continue to change.


Dear Lord, help me to learn from Jesus how to live my life. Grant me the strength to enrich and nourish the lives and city around me. Thank you for allowing me another opportunity to join with Broad Street Ministry and help me to use the peace and comforting I find here to further Your will. Amen.


Prayers for those who feel unworthy. Prayers to not regret the past.


For BSM. For Amigos de Jesus. For **** and *****…may your energy thrive in your marriage. Congrats! For my Mom, **** and ***** may they have good health and peace of mind. For my kids—may they continue to grow in Spirit and Knowledge. For my Lovely!


Thanks God, Good to see *****. I feel fine.


Prayers for a friend who suffers from anxiety and depression. I am feeling so very angry and frustrated by the injustices of our society and the current political climate—what to pray for?


Dear Lord—please take care of my family—let my dad know his value and help him find a way to contribute through your will. Call he and mom into your light and love. Please help me live a life of gratitude—free me from greed and selfishness. Thank you for your grace. Thank you for ******—bless our relationship. I love you and praise your name. *******.


Dear God, bless your Holy Name. Thank You for life, health, and loving and supportive relationships. God I ask for Your blessing and guidance over my final semester of college. Strength, peace, and wisdom. I love you.


Learning how to make decisions, independent of people and opinions around me.


Please pray for the victims of gun violence, their families, the perpetrators and the N.R.A.


Please pray for me.


I pray for continued discernment—to make sure that my actions nourish others. I pray the same for my husband. That we will all remember that we are not chaff. That we are beloved.


Lord, I don’t know the words to pray. Please help. Thank you for knowing my heart. Thank you for your spirit. Please help me to be a helper.


I have neurological “disorders” no one knows though. They think I am just weird. I have mild autism, but can function. I work and am in a masters program. It’s hard I don’t want to use it as a crutch, but I also am getting tired of being treated like I’m dumb or strange.

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