Last Night at BSM

January 25, 2016

Last night, Rev. Sammie Evans brought us a word from from Luke 4:14-21, entitled “The Year of the Lord’s Favor.” In this passage Jesus reads from Isaiah 61 which speaks first of the year of the Lord’s favor, known as Jubilee. In the year of Jubilee all property would be returned and all debts would be forgiven. Jubilee would be a new beginning. However, Isaiah 61 pairs the year of Jubilee with the day of God’s vengeance where all oppressors would be punished. Both Isaiah’s and Jesus’ audience where waiting for Jubilee and the day of vengeance. Jesus however in his reading leaves out the day of vengeance, demonstrating to us that there is no room for vengeance in the year of Jubilee. Jesus writes a new script, where the role of oppressor is cut entirely from the story.

John Francis and the Amen Corner led us in: Canticle of the Turning, Be Thou My Vision, Another World, and Power of the Gospel.

Our community also offered the following prayers:

God, Life is great. I’m so happy. Uhhh…what the hell do I do with that? I mean, yeah, I’m busy, yeah, I’m poor, but there is enough time, enough $, more than enough love. Show me what to do with it all.


I’m trying to get housing for me and my four kids. And praying my wife gets out of jail and I hope she did do what they said she did. Amen.


Increase in church volunteers.


Praise God for the weather and our ability to deal with the changes that the weather brings. Preparing for returning to seminary 2-6-16 and five Tuesdays. Still need tuition support current amount $2,735. Desire to restart the grief recovery method (group) for 2 hours per week (8) weeks at my church.


Thank you so much for strategies, for capacity to move through sadness, for people to help me through. Help me turn it around and provide it to who needs it. Amen.


Prayers for me. Sin is ever present.


Discouraged. Help me.


God of peace, make known to us an alternative to vengeance. Amen.


For those who are cold. For those who lack shelter. For ***** & *****. and all those who are incarcerated. For ***** and all those who have been abused. For me and for you.


God, I pray for every one of your children who have no home to hide from the storm. Be shelter and warmth for them. Protect them from the storm that constantly swirls around them. And please, God, bring us home soon. Amen.


Please bring peace to other parts of this world that are tormented by war, where people have become hostages of evil.


I feel detached, which I expect means it’s just a lot to handle. But, so much more for others. God, make this cold, this hunger, this lack of shelter, this disconnect present on everyone’s hearts so we can hope and act for change.


Dear Lord, I pray for peace and reconciliation between me and my husband and that we grow in our faith in Christ.


Thank you, Lord, for bringing ***** through surgery and my prayers are for his safe recovery and support for my sister and nephew during this time.

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