Last Night at BSM

February 15, 2016

Last night was the first Sunday of Lent and Rev. Andy Greenhow brought us a word from Nehemiah 2:1-20 entitled “A Time to Sow.” Throughout the season of Lent at BSM we will be looking life cycle and tending to the earth as well as looking closer at the seasons in our lives. There is a time in our life where we must sow, or put things into the ground. This is a time of risk because we’re not always sure of what’s going to happen once we sow. Nehemiah in our scripture lesson does with his desire to go to Jerusalem and rebuild its walls even though he has never been there and he can’t be sure of what’s going to take place when he undertakes this endeavor. Nehemiah had those in his life who were able to confirm that what he wanted to do was from God, but he also had haters. Whenever we try and sow, there will always be people who tell us we will not be able to do what God has called us to do. It’s in these moments that we must have courage to trust the call God has placed on our lives. What are you called to sow? You can listen here.

Tony and the Motley Order Choir led us in: Love Lifted Me­, My Hope Is Built, Mercy Me, Crazy, A Change Is Gonna Come, and Reach Out I’ll be There.

Our community also offered the following prayers:

God, Mother, Seed Sower, pour your Spirit out and empower me to practice a new spiritual discipline this Lent, to dig deep and be with you and recognize you. Be with those I love, *****, my parents, ****, *****, ******, ******, and my students and *****. Bring peace and strength.


Dear Lord, Please help ***** and I through these days with *****. Help us build a Christ centered life together. Thank you for all the kids that love me for real. I’m grateful to you, *****.


I pray that I may be disciplined this Lent season as I spend more time in prayer/meditation and engaging in self-examination. I need grace in order to discern next steps. I also ask for prayer for my friend ***** who is going through a difficult time.


For my sister ***** for physical and spiritual wholeness.


Courage to change my routine.


I thank God for helping me. I ask for help with anxiety which seems to be constantly rattling me.


Prayer for my children and I to stay together and for financial success!


Dear Lord please strengthen my faith, open my heart and eyes and that of my husband to bless our marriage so that we may be a blessing to each other and our community.


I am unable to assit you at this time due to medical issues.


Please put ****** (many health issues, a woman) on your prayer list as well as ******* a hand recovery from knee surgery and ******* almost read to step over. Thank you very much.


Thank you for those in the community who have supported me and helped me gain perspective. I’m still overwhelmed, but I don’t feel like such a mess. For ***** safety and for her to fin the support she needs for change. For *****.


Dear God, prayers of gratitude for grad school acceptance and many possibilities that come with it, and prayers for guidance and strength as I discern my next steps.


Prayers to heal my mother’s back. Prayer to use my time wisely. Prayers to guide my creativity.


That we all make some noise. May the need to make fresh food available to the poor and vulnerable not be a fools errand. For Amigos de Jesus and the kids and those who serve. For BSM. For our cheerleader, haters and our courage.


I do not want to turn again.


Prayers for our government leaders to have a conscience, vision for tackling real essence of our problems, terrorism, war, and hunger, poverty. Blessings to be to God.


So I haven’t filled out a prayer card in a few weeks because I haven’t known what to pray for. I’m getting by okay, but I feel disconnected from a lot of the world and from the people I care about. And I’m tired of not having the energy for big goals or crazy dreams. I guess I’m praying through the winter and for whatever fog is around me to lift. Amen.


God, please be with ***** and her grams. She’s not gonna be around for much longer. Just help ***** see that she is okay. Sustain her through this time. Thank you. Amen.


Lord God, make manifest your peace in this world. Change our hearts and minds—make us more yours. Help me and all of us to love you more deeply.


May God be my strength and my source of life, and may I walk in the Light that He has laid ahead of me.


My sister and mother’s health. My father’s love. *****.


My cousin who was just hospitalized for OD-ing


Dear Lord, Please stop demons and evil leaders of fooled nations from causing more pain and destruction in this world.


A close friend separated from her abusive husband a few months ago, with her two young children. Last week her father suddenly died. She needs all the strength, support and energy she can get.


Pray for ***** 16 years old. DHS removed him from the home so he could be placed with his brother.


God, be with my folks today, their first   Valentine’s divorced. Be with **** and I as we plan our wedding, that we would be faithful to you. Bless my clients, congregants, family and ******, *****’s cousin with a car.


I need a good night’s sleep and I’m scared of getting older.

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