Last Night at BSM

February 29, 2016

Last night, Rev. Andy Greenhow brought us a word from 1 Kings 3:16-28 entitled, “A Time to Pull Weeds.” This was the third sermon in our Lenten series exploring agrarian rhythms and the life of faith; exploring the life cycle of food and our life cycle. This story from the first book of Kings, was after Solomon prayed for wisdom, and this is his first opportunity to display the wisdom God gave him. Solomon is banking on the fact that the child to the real mother is not just a child, but to the mother this child needs to be protected, and kept safe and sound. To the one who isn’t the mother, this is just a child, and being right is more important. We need to ask what are the weeds in our life? What are the things in our garden? Is the thing I am looking at a good thing, or is it choking out the good? It’s the choice Solomon has to make: Who’s the one who wants the good? Is he looking at a loving mother or the one who would sell out the child? Maybe the thing choking out the good in our life is out of control spending habits, or overeating, or substance abuse. The good news is that we are not going about this discernment alone. Listen here.

Tony and the Motley Order Choir led us in: I Want Jesus to Walk with Me, Ain’t No Grave, be Thou My Vision, His Eye is On the Sparrow, and It is Well.

Our community also offered the following prayers:

Pray for me


Dear Father, thank you for all family. Thank you for bringing ****, ****** and ***** to church to brighten our hearts. I love you and so grateful for all my blessings. ****.


Prayers for good health and money.


I am thankful that God paved my life today. I almost had a car accident on the way here. So many things could have changed about my life if that accident happened. I am grateful!


I am here for the first time today and I have been moved to want to do some volunteer work somewhere. My days are sent at home alone with very little contact with positive people. I want somewhere to go to meet friends and feel needed. I will attend church here for the next 2 weeks to see if this is the place. Thank you.


Thank you Lord for my family, friends, and vocation. Help me to bring your message of love and compassion to everyone I encounter at home, at play, at work, speak thru me, let my words be your words.


As Andy preached about “weeds” I ask for prayer for the courage and love to pull the weeds in my life. To forgive the people I need to forgive, to actively love all those God has placed in my life, both the lovely and the unlovely.


Prayers for LGBT refugees.


Thank you God for all the wonderful aspects of my life. Please help me to be a better wife and mother. Thank you for sending someone to return my purse. Amen.


I know you’re watching me. Thank you. Thank you for ****, *****, and *****.


Please pray that I will learn to be more open about asking for help and recognizing weakness. Please also pray for favor in the rest of my school year and through to the fall.


Please pray for my mother. Thanks!


Thank you 4 BSM!


For ******. For my fellow workers—may they be kind to one another—for BSM, for my mom and sister and bro, for #1, 2, 3, 4, for Amigos de Jesus, for me.


Please be with my family as they travel this week.


I thank I have a lot of love to give and I feel blessed to be able to give it right now. I haven’t really felt that way before.


Please bring strength and luck to those fighting for justice and freedom, protecting their land from evil.


Prayers for my Dad, my vocation, *******, weed sorting. For ******, may he rest in Christ’s peace with love and light perpetual surrounding him.


Precious Lord, help me to sing out because I am blessed, happy and free. Guide me through discerning the weeds, and empower me to not go about pulling them alone. Thank you for your enduring love and presence.

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