Last Night at BSM

March 13, 2016

Last night, Rev. Andy Greenhow completed the Lenten series on Agrarian Rhythms of Life with the theme: A Time to Burn It Down. The Scripture reading came from Exodus 32: 1-20. This story is about the Israelites creating for themselves an idol while Moses met with God on Mt. Sinai. Andy preached about Moses’ over the top reaction to the Israelite’s unfaithfulness and impatience, and asserted that when it comes to idolatry, we should indeed burn it down like Moses did. Our idolatry can even be our own opinions that prevent us from being in community with those who are unlike us. Sometime we need to use controlled fire to burn something down before it consumes us. If you would like to hear the sermon, click here.

Join us next Sunday for Palm Sunday!

Our community offered these prayers:

**** passed away, younger brother.


Grateful for peace in light of many unknowns in the future.  Prayers for safe travels for myself and **** this week.


Dealing with depression.


Grateful.  Keep it going.  Rough stuff comin’ down the pile.  For ****.


Dear Lord, Help me find the strength that you have given me, to burn my idols down, that I may better serve your people and you.  Help me to find the peace you have given me before.  Thank you for all of the blessings you have given me today and all the previous days.  You have truly blessed me.  Amen.


For my family.  For BSM.  For Amigos de Jesus and the children of Honduras.  For the candidates of the election.  For those they represent.  For peace and kindness.


I keep having dreams that I am trying to leave somewhere but I am lost and confused and I can’t.  I pray to know what situation my mind is telling me I need to get out of, and to be able to do it.  Amen.


Please be with **** and her family during this week and during her appointment at CHOP.  Please give me the strength to put my pride and certainty aside and put my relationship with God first.  Hold **** through this time.  He is struggling.


Please pray for my mother, aunt, and uncle.  For their overall health, physically and mentally.


Pray that ****’s parents may find joy in service this Friday.  Pray that **** may find the patience to spend 5 days (!) with her parents.  And pray that I may have the opportunity to lead a school that needs me most.


For my sweetest friend, who is hurting so much.  For her mother, who is so sick.  For their family, and for all of us.


Dearest Father, I love you with my whole heart.  Please be with your son **** tomorrow during his interview – please bless the meditation of all participants’ hearts and ****’s words.  Please bless our time with my family this week.  Please be the thread that binds our families together.  Please connect us through and in your light and love.  I love you.  Your daughter, ****


Prayers for family relationships.  Prayers to heal the country – with its politic nightmare.  Prayers for direction for the future.


Jesus take the wheel.


That I will have wisdom to know what I need to burn down in my life, and how to accept God more fully.


Dear God, Help me navigate a tricky work situation.  Help me communicate effectively and open the eyes and ears of my colleagues so that a solution emerges that represents the best of what we all can bring to the challenges.  Amen.


Pray for continued health and the hope that I can get a kidney transplant this year.  Pray.


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