Last Night at BSM

March 25, 2016

Last night, our Seminary Field Education Intern, Anders Edstrom brought a Maundy Thursday message from John 13:1-17, 31b-35 entitled, “The Incomparable Picture.” In this passage from John, Jesus washes his disciples feet on the last night of his life. Foot washing was generally reserved for inferiors, but Jesus as Teacher and Lord washes the feet of his disciples. In this action, Jesus shows us that he is the one who gives his life for other people. Jesus shows us who he truly is, the one who lives his life for others. Jesus in this moment gives us a picture of who he is and also a picture of who we ought to be. We are also called to be the ones who live our lives in service to others. We are our truest selves as we live in service and care for other people.

John Francis led us in: Here Comes the Night Time, What Wondrous Love is This?, I Can’t Get No Justice, On the Turning Away, and Ah Holy Jesus.

Our community also offered the following prayers:

I am finally feeling it. Thank you, God. I sure hope all this is really true. *****, *****, *****, *****. ******, *****, ******.


Dear God—Please continue to give me the strength to fight all that stands in the way of love and service—Amen, *****.


Pray for ******, ******, for her heart to be healed.


We can pray for peace in ourselves, in our community, our society our nations and our world.


Prayer of thanks my high school English teacher was declared safe in Brussels, Belgium. Prayer for well-being and after-effects of all my connections there.


For renewal through quiet meditation so that the Lord may revive my spirit to do His will. To continue to peel away the layers of our culture that distract me from God’s plan for my family and me.


Jesus, walk with me as my grandmother dies, and I walk my family through our grief. Be with us, help me to grieve, and let me be my true self for my family. Give Nana peace and welcome her into your flock. Support ***** and *****, Papa and Dad. Help us to stop and grieve and feel, even when we don’t want to. Give me patience, and thank you for *****.


I feel that there is more for me to do. I ask God, and the God that is in you. I’m 61 years old, and I can use some work. Please talk to me about that. Like anyone else, I need money. Not a lot, but a little more. I heard (or read) that they do job counseling here. God bless.


Dearest Father, thank you. I love you. ****. P.S. Please take care of ***** and her family.


Dear God, I pray for peace in the world. I pray for your light to put out all darkness, for your love to put out all hatred. Amen.


Almighty God, I rest and am still knowing that you are God. I surrender all. Amen.


Prayers for guidance regarding next steps in the future. Courage to make a change. Knowing how to serve others. Comfort and courage for economic concerns. Then prayers for our country and the mess of the current political race/situation.


God, help me to be honest about those I’ve betrayed so to forgive those who’ve betrayed me. Help me to sit with this feeling of hurriedness, to take it slow. Help me to believe in your miracles and be guided by surprise.


I pray for continuous hope.


Lord, help me, inspire me, empower me to be a more faithful, persistent, expectant prayer. Amen.


For a peaceful Philadelphia; for BSM and those they help; for Amigos de Jesus and children of South America—for my sister, my brother and mom; for my kids and Mrs.; for the unemployed and underemployed; for peace and kindness!


Dear God—in the days and weeks to come, I pray you guide me in honoring wisdom over knowledge, patience over anxiety, and peace over restlessness. Keep me strong, bring me hope, and lead us into your light. Bring me back to you, so that I may rejoin and feel again the love of those I have left behind. Amen.


Healing for mom.


Thank you for these humble/might tables. What they hold and who they feed mind, body and spirit. I’m very grateful to have a seat here knowing what comes on Sunday and knowing too I’m grateful for the giving of all the hands who lay these tables with plates of food, requests for prayer and welcome always.


I don’t want to write down what I’m worrying about this week because I don’t want to make it real. I pray for health and strength for my family and for myself to be loved and learn how to love. I have so much growing still to do and I don’t know how to start.

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