Last Night at BSM

April 4, 2016

Last night, Rev. Sammie Evans brought us a word from John 20:19-31 entitled, “Witnesses of the Resurrection.” In this Gospel story Jesus appears to his disciples sans Thomas. Because Thomas doesn’t see the resurrected Christ, he doesn’t believe Jesus has really been raised. So we are normally told to not be like Thomas. However we miss the point that the disciples are meant to be out doing what the risen Jesus has told them to do, be witnesses to his resurrection. We have been given the same calling that we are to be witnesses to the resurrection.

We were led in worship in: Bring ’em All In, Victory is Mine, Oceans, Ain’t No Grave, and Oh Happy Day.

Our community also offered the following prayers:

Please pray for godly wisdom in my friendships and business relationships thank you Lord for helping me in my unbelief and not letting go.


Forgiving my father; sister’s health; *****’s health; *****’s team search.


I ask for prayer for my mom who needs to find a new more affordable place to live. Prayers for a clear mind as she decides next steps. Also prayer for my friend who was recently a victim of sexual abuse.


Pray 4…you; world love; people that feel alone; give thanks to this amazing Earth that God made us All! (even cats and dogs)


Please pray that I can actively practice believing Sammie Evans’ very eloquent sermon. Prayer that I can accept God’s love and forgiveness. Pray that I could be truly free from the chains of fear and self-centeredness.


That I might grow stronger, softer and more still. That you, as you read this, might smile, for your smile is such a gift.


For Hope, for believing the resurrection, for the people this week around the table. For those that are not but with they were. For Amigos de Jesus and all the Americas.


Please be with ******, ***** and *****. Please help me practice my grace.


Please give us more wisdom and courage.


For the Lord to return to my conscious. May my action and words and thoughts be mindful and intentional and working toward reunion with Him.


Prayers for—***** who just celebrated his first birthday. He was diagnosed with brain cancer.


Please pray that I will have patience, vision, and wisdom during a time of waiting. Thanks.


I ask for prayers for ***** to forgive, even when those who have wronged him will not apologize or acknowledge their wrong. That he will not be burdened by the hate, bitterness, and deep sorrow he is feeling now. I ask for guidance on what to do/not do and what to say/not say in response. Help us know how to act with integrity. Give ***** hope.


Guide our steps here, God. Let us remember that you are faithful.

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