Last Night at BSM

May 18, 2015

IMG_8539Last night, Sunday, May 17th, 2015 at 4:00 our community gathered for a celebratory worship on the momentous occasion of our tenth anniversary.  IMG_4557Our text was  Zephaniah 3:16-20 and Rev.Bill Golderer preached about how, when we undertake something that is worthwhile, fear will be our constant companion, and yet God is with us.   We sang Celebration by Kool & the GangOh Happy Day, and Alabama Shakes classic Hold On.

Our Congregation then offered the following prayers to God in worship as our Psalms of the Street.

Prayer for all of those who live in fear and anxiety—that the Spirit would be present and peace would come.

I pray for health and healing.


I am a massage therapist (I believe it’s my calling), but fell into drugs. I’m praying to find healing in my life so I can help others with healing in their lives. Your prayers is appreciated.

God bless,



Pray that mine and *****’s housing goes through ahead of schedule and that ***** finds housing as well and keep prayer for baby *****. 6 weeks left.


I, ***** ask God to please remove all curses, spells, enchantments, black magic that are on the minds, bodies, souls and spirits of my soulmate and I and my children, ***** and ***** and ***** and ***** and ***** now and forever more in Jesus Christ name I ask please pray this prayer daily for my family and ame… Thank you! God bless you! I love you!


That I will find a home and for my friend *****who is having a baby soon that the baby and her will be healthy and happy.


Overcoming fear of being alone.


I pray for help and that I can hold on and not give up.


Please be with ***** and I during this time as we mourn and try to understand the loss of little *****. It is so very hard, and we are weighed down with sadness. Be with us as life keeps going even when we need a break more than ever.


Our Wedding is Saturday! Woot. Please pray for safe travels for those attending.


Prayers for continued healing of my MS exacerbation. Strength and patience. Prayers for Steve that he may continue to have patience and culinary imagination as he ministers to BSM. Blessing to T.C., Ed, Andi, Davie, Rev G. Tony Moore and all who make BSM.


My wife’s best friend ***** is sick with cancer. ***** needs your health giving prayers and so does my wife *****.


I pray for my daughter ask she starts her new job as an in house family therapist in Brooklyn. Be with her as she travels to neighborhoods near and far. Work through her hands and skills to provide healing for her client families.


Pray for *****—having struggles with housing in NYC.


Prayers for healing, for my mom, my dad, *****, *****, *****, for *****, may all know they’re are beloved and may we embrace our role in ushering in a wall more nurturing of our souls. Slow my mind down, so I may listen more attentively to my soul.


Pray that my relationship with my mother is restored. She has not and will not talk to me for the past 2 years. I pray for her to be spiritually, physically, mentally healed.


All I ask is pray for my troubles and sinful soul.


I give thanks for all of the spirit, grit and grace that went into this place for 10 years. And for all the years to come.


Strength to walk to the well of God.


This is for *****and *****`—

Lord as their journey now is dealing with loss, I pray that your peace is with them—that they can hold on to your love as they go through their time of loss. That they see you and search you out each and everyday from now until eternity.

Also, Lord I pray that I can see you, search you out in the days ahead and also to not let my companion (fear) paralyze me but for my eyes to be set upon you and take a leap knowing you are with me.


Prayers 4 my friend ***** who was injured in the Amtrack train accident as he recovers in the hospital. Thank you, *****.


For *****, *****, and *****…

For the opportunities to grow in community…

For love and for helpers…

I pray for grace, healing, love, and with deep thanks.


For my own fears,

For my family and friend and their struggles,

For the lost, disappeared and oppressed.

For the hungry and the needy
That we may all shed tears, share

laughs, and be loved.


Pray for me. I have cancer and I think I’m falling in love.



Please pray for *****, *****and *****and for all of those who have no one to pray for them.


A prayer of gratitude for BSM, family, and this community! Amen.


God—I don’t want you. There’s a really good chance you don’t exist at all. There’s a really good chance we invented you b/c we needed a coping mechanism to sustain us through the difficulties of life. Or, in ancient times, we needed you to be able to explain the natural world. Do we still need you? What good is it to believe in you in this post-God, rational world? Why should I keep believing in you? I’m running away from you. My faith is faltering. I’m hungry for the love of a father. If you’re real, you’d better do something about it. Or I won’t come back. Maybe you’re real, and I’m just apostate. Just spit me out of your mouth already, God. Or if you’re not real, I guess these are just words.


Lord, be with my mom as she starts chemo tomorrow and my father as he searches for work. Bring peace and joy to them and stability in our lives and our hearts. And for anxiety to no longer have my presence in my life, and fear to subside and be replaced with hope.


There is a canyon in my chest eight miles wide and ten miles deep. No on can ever love me enough to fill it. People have tried. People are trying. It will never work. Once they stop pouring love and attention and affirmation into the canyon, it open right back up. I’m not going to ask you to fill the canyon, God, because 1) it’s impossible and 2) you won’t do it. Instead, would you teach me to cope with the canyon? It has always existed in me, and it always will exist in me. I’m not asking you to make it better because I know you won’t. Will you teach me to cope with its existence and its increasing evil presence in my life?


Please be with my brother: his daughter

Please be with my friend who is struggling with a loss.

Please be with ***** and her family

Please be with BSM for the next 10!


Shine a light down the path so that I know where next to go


For BSM and what you mean to me and my family. Thank you!!


May you continue to grow and flourish!


{10} comprehensive

is good

All the little

things insider

are better.



Pray for *  and * two little girls who need a strong, loving, patient person to guide them through the journey of being adopted. And for me, the hopeful parent, waiting for a child to adopt.


Please pray for me, the entire congregation here today, and for betterment of Philadelphia’s current problems.



Help me God, bring me closer. Help me to open my heart to the love of trustworthy others. Give me confidence to go forward with my projects, my talents and my love.

Then, after worship, we had a party, complete with a photo booth, a federal donuts donut cake, amazing food prepared by chef steve and sous chef TC, and a lot of old and new friends.  IMG_4562

Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality and creating a spiritual home for all, especially those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. For more information click here.