Last Night at BSM

April 24, 2016

Last night our Seminary Field Education Intern, Anders Edstrom, wrapped up his time at BSM with a word from Revelation 21:1-6 entitled, “I Saw the New Philadelphia.”  In this text, John of Patmos shares a vision for a city free from suffering at last, after years of violence and injustice.  Through Jesus, God made a home in the city of Jerusalem and continues to reside in the midst of our cities today, calling us to active hope, rather than resigned cynicism. Listen to it here.


Tony and the Motley Order Choir led us in: Living For The City, Be Thou My Vision, Redemption Day, Streets of Philadelphia, and of course, Purple Rain.

Our community also offered the following prayers:

As we mourn the death of celebrities like Prince and David Bowie, let us also mourn for those who die alone, without friends or fame or resources. Pray for the families of all who grieve and suffer loss, for all who cry alone in pain. I read this week that suicide in USA is at a 30-year high. That opiate use and use of prescription pain killers is very high. I pray this “dark” time could actually be the precursor of “dawn” in our society.

J********* and A*****—for peace and purpose. D****—as she reconvenes her job search.

Prayer as a I decide what to do after school and deal with anxiety.

1.Praise the Lord for his continued grace and mercy. 2. The vote on Tuesday: may all who can vote well vote. 3. Pray for all our leaders: Local, state, federal that they will serve the people, as they took an oath to do, if not resign. 4. May the Kingdom of God he seen in us and his Church.

Prayers for people to finish their semester strong: A***, C*****, D******, A*** and all the others. Prayers that my brother C***** can find a job (after he graduates in May)

Dear Lord, Please bless R** in his week searching for his school. Please call him directly. Please clear his mind for preparation. Please bless his interview conversations. Please be with Grandma – take her home quickly and peacefully if this time is your will. Please give my family everything they need and the confidence that you are with them! Love you.

Dear Lord, I pray for my role in a new Philadelphia and surrounding area. I pray for wisdom and discernment for charity in any home, neighborhood, workplace and community.

For all who are grieving and all who are lonely. My friend S***** and myself included.

I pray for peace in a place of unacceptable. I pray for direction for my future in serving God and His people. I pray for wholeness and joy.

Thank you Lord for this fun and relaxing weekend with friends, for the peace of good conversation and the joy of having a 3-year-old to laugh with. Give me fortitude for the next few weeks as I finish the semester. There are so many people to keep in prayer—please be with all those who hurt and suffer, Lord.

God, In Your mercy, please hear our prayers for T**** and G****, who had to flee their home. For J. as what “home” means and looks like for him is discerned. For E****, that she will be restored to her home and have adventures of a life-giving sort. For C** as he works to find closure on some chapters and searches for how to open the doors towards his calling. For a movement towards peace, wholeness, and love fore ALL of your children. Amen.

Help me do it better this time. (I’ll help me, too.) Amen.

For L***, BSM guest, who has hip surgery on June 8thLovePark

Man on the street with his dog. My friends P*******, G*****, and E****. A***** and his school. O**** and my new pug. Thanks for friends at school.

God I give thanks for my belief in You and Your belief in me. I give thanks for Your love and the fact that I don’t have to deserve it. I pray for faith and strength and that there will be more than we think there is. No to scarcity, yes to love, Amen.