Last Night at BSM

May 17, 2016

On May 15th, BSM celebrated the Day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit filled God’s people so that they might be united and emboldened to serve God and one another.  We celebrated Pentecost, the day when the Church was born, and we gave thanks for 11 wonderful years since BSM’s first worship service.

Andy preached on communion, the part of the worship service when all are united through God’s grace and empowered to serve.  It’s the part of the service when we come together, across our difference, to encounter God through the presence Holy Spirit.  In Acts 2:21, all kinds of people receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, which fills them with the ability to understand one another, even though they speak different languages.  At BSM, we celebrate communion each week to remember that there is always more than enough grace and that all are invited into relationship with God. Even though we come from different places and speak different languages, we understand one another through the grace we freely receive at the Table each week.

Tony, John Francis, and our wonderful musicians brought down the house with “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince, “I Got You” by James Brown,” “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” “We’ve Come This Far By Faith,” “I Need You to Survive,” and “Love Train.”

Our community also offered the following prayers:

Congrats BSM 11 years. You have come so far but still have more to go. BSM has improved each year. Oh precious God, may deep poverty decrease in Philadelphia as we try harder each and every day. Thank you, Father God.




Prayers for the graduating class of LTSP and all those graduating. Help us find our calls to better this world.


Prayers for my friends, J**** and D***. Prayers that this spirit of joy, gratitude, and hope would carry us through this week.

My darling D**** that she would find favor and motivation as she gears up her job search once again. For B****-his health. For C****-that he may love and care for D**** in life-giving ways.

I pray that my children grow in faith and extend love and generosity to the world. That I may grow in this diverse community and be an active member.

Hey God, My heart, mind, body, and spirit are Yours. Do with them what you will and bring the good works to fruition. Thank you for BSM and the heart within it; the people. Forgive me, God, for I have wronged you. Allow me to love like you. <3

B****** and I came to BSM for the first time exactly 1 year ago! Such a joy to be part of this community.

I pray for the spirit of forgiveness and that God will allow me to have a new and positive relationship with my sister.


K***’s father and her Uncle E** and her cousin D**** all had close friends die on the same day this past week. My father-in-law’s friend, L**, was his college roommate and had been in poor health for some time. Pray for all who grieve and mourn in the pall of death as well as those who rejoice with new birth and school graduations this month. Most of all, please pray that God’s peace and healing would flow into our families, our church, our city, our nation, and our world.

God, please help me with my fleshy desires. And help me to not submit to my bodily desires for sex, money, drugs, and all the sins that bring me death and destruction. Please forgive me and make me strong. Because in you, dear God, in the name of your son Jesus, is my salvation and my refuge and my faith. So I praise you now in faith that you will touch my life, dear God. Hallelujah! Praise your name, Jesus.

I am so thankful for Broad Street Ministry!

Pray for family member battling addiction.

For positivity.

For BSM! Happy 11th! For its guests, its congregants, its staff. For Mike Dahl and his family. For Bill Golderer and his family. For Amigos de Jesus and their home. For my family – my mom, sister, brother, kids, and Mrs. For all those that gather at the BSM table and those that are not here.

Loved the service today! Happy birthday!

Dear God, I pray for strength and patience and compassion in any work as a therapist. Work through me to heal others. Let me hands be your hands and hold me firmly in your light and love so that I may bring light to others. Amen.

Prayers for connection, compassion, and understanding.

Precious Lord, give me grace. Amen.

Shout to the Lord. Lord, lift your name on high.

Thank God for this place.

God, thank you, and please stay with us all. Especially my son. Amen.

Sweet relief. Get me through Thursday. Thanks, God.

Prayers for my mother’s back.

As someone who almost didn’t graduate high school and was diagnose on the Asperger’s spectrum, I have been blessed with a degree and a new job, and for that I am thankful and can’t wait to give back. My heart is full.

For my friend, W***, and all those in need of support as they return from incarceration. May they find freedom in their hearts and the help that they need for their next steps in life. May we all.

Please pray for my friend as she leaves a violent relationship. Give her strength and courage, and help her friends to be there for her in ways that are helpful. Please pray for me, as I make steps towards a new path. Please pray for C** as he works towards peace and stabilization.

Please be with me and my family. Please help me with my frustrations.

Just thanks. So many thanks. You are faithful. AMEN.

I thank God for the changes that are finally happening in my life! I thank God for the strength to leave something that was no longer helping me and for support from my family and friends. I thank God for lasting relationships and exciting new ones! I thank God for new opportunities to learn and grow and I pray to be able to share my current happiness with others.