Last Night at BSM

May 23, 2016

Andy continued the sermon series on parts of the worship service with a focus on the passing on the peace, which is a response to God’s forgiveness. In John 20:19-31, Jesus greets his doubting disciples, saying, “Peace be with you,” when he appears after the resurrection.  In offering this greeting, Jesus is inviting his followers to trust in a peace that is beyond themselves.  We live in a world that says that if we want peace, we should prepare for war, but when we share the peace of Christ with one another, we express our trust in God’s abundant grace and love.  The passing of the peace isn’t a social hour, but a revolutionary response to God’s love, which enables us to care for one another, across our differences.

John Francis and the Amen Corner brought the following songs: “Down By The Riverside,” “By The Marks” by Gillian Welch, “Love Lifted Me,” “Peace to You” by Rich Mullins, and “Down to the River to Pray.”

Our community also offered the following prayers:

Thanksgiving for the blessings in the past week. Continued financial blessings. Prayers for grandson M****** entering service with the army. Prayers for family.

I pray for my friend M***’s relationship with her parents, who do not approve of her sexuality, and for M** and M***’s relationship as they get more serious. Thankful for God who hears our prayers!

For S** as a new college graduate that he be guided on his path by God and those who love and care for him. I pray and ask your prayers for God’s guidance for Sam through mentors, opening doors, Sam’s efforts. I pray these be under God’s watchful eye and guiding hand and heart!

I want God to take away my depression and anxiety.

Please pray that God would forgive me, Christ would renew me, and that the Holy Spirit would enable me to grow in love.

Pray for peace.

God, be with my dad, R****, tomorrow during his surgery. Be with D**** as she nurses him. God, give him patience (and, sure, I could use a whole big ole heap of patience and grace for him too) as he recovers. Snap me out of my funk, give me a word this week, and thanks for ****.

Dad’s new position he is going for would involve a much-desired station in Berlin. A job for me where I can use my talents, be useful, and feel some satisfaction.

Please pray for my friend G*** and his family.

God, be with me at home, please. Amen.

For BSM. For Amigos de Jesus. For my mom. For peace in the city. For peace in the workplace. For peace and lively discussion at the dinner table. For good decisions. For those that enjoy a good healthy dose of conflict.

I need your prayers as I struggle with food. Please help.

Dear God, My prayers today are with the many people in transition at this time of the year. Endings and new beginnings. With attendant grief, fear, and anxiety, but also eager anticipation and excitement. Lord, hold all who are in transition in your loving heart. Amen.

How do we know what’s true? What to believe? Thinking on questions raised in the play, and ask for prayer as I continue to ask questions and look for answers.

Thanks for giving me so much more than I even knew to ask for, God. Thanks for community. Thanks for enough clarity and peace for the present. Thanks for Philly. Be with D*****. Amen.

Praying for A*** and leadership team to find peace in their own lives and in this place.

Please pray for guidance during this time of transition. Thank you.

Please pray that I remain sober and committed to my recovery as I approach 90 days free of all intoxicants. Pray that I will be committed to and follow through with both prayer and meditation. Thank you.

Please pray for congregants and their loved ones who struggle with anxiety and depression. Also for those searching for jobs, that they can have faith and peace during their search that their needs will be met.

Lord, help me to be grateful for the blessings you’ve placed in my life. Turn my eyes toward you and help them to stay there. I ask for your love and healing for my mother, aunts, sisters, and nephew – protect them and bring them your peace.

Please help me with my grace. Please be with my brother and his girlfriend. Please help give me guidance for my future.

Crappy sermon; sorry church.