Last Night at BSM

July 31, 2016

Last night Danny Nasry, a Seminary Field Education Student who has been working and learning at BSM for the past ten weeks, celebrated his last Sunday with us. He preached from Luke 12:13-21, and brought us a word about finding our comfort in God. Listen to the sermon here.

John Francis and the Amen Choir brought incredible energy and praise to the service with Higher Love by Steve Winwood, Better Way by Ben Harper, and Just A Closer Walk With Thee.

Our community offered these prayers:

Please pray for my mind and my soul. I feel like I’ve been “benched” by circumstances. I think a lot of the enslaved/imprisoned Joseph (son of Jacob) of Moses in his second 40 years tending Jethro’s flock and of David—anointed king and victorious over Goliath, but living as a fugitive in the wilderness. I have an impending sense of “something next”, but don’t have any idea what that really looks like. I don’t wait well, but yet waiting I am. I am also tempted to “indulge” in anger or depression or fear or impatience as Danny’s preaching about. I daily turn toward God, but like Joseph/Moses/David remain imprisoned in a wilderness.


I pray that my hands might be your hands, and that I find you in the brothers and sisters I meet and work with.



**** **** ****

****, ****

Hold them through these difficult times


Dear God,

I would like to pray for my boss, Farmer ****. This week has been very long, harvesting all day and packing all night. To add on, **** has had a cold all week, so I pray that his health is restored soon. Lord, I finally pray that you continue to watch over **** and all of my coworkers when work becomes overwhelming or when work does not go smoothly. I pray all of these things in your name,



Prayer for France, For Muslims and Christian to continue to worship together.


Dear Lord thank you for my good friends, old and new. Be with all the people in my life and show them your love, presence and glory. Give me and them wisdom and grace, forgiveness of short comings. Bless our great nation under God.


Grateful for Danny’s message and prayers that I would indulge in God more and more.

Prayers for **** and **** as they prepare to get married this week!


Dear Lord,

Please help me figure out my personal and professional problems.


I pray for the BSM community may it continue to grow and serve the city of Philadelphia.


For the YI summer staff. May this place stay with all. God, walk with them on their paths as they continue to be the incredible people you created them to be.


I pray for support and reminders that I can hold onto, to know that God is faithful and in Him there is hope.


For peace and love


Please pray for our elected “leaders,” those who will be elected, those who will not be elected, and the power of love to bring all of us together.


Dear God,

I pray for ****, ****, ****, ****, and me in my transitional stage of life. Love you.


For my upcoming move


Lord, give me the strength I need to get through this week. And not just to survive it but to enjoy it.


Prayer 4 Philadelphia our city and BSM


For **** and **** as she begins her 4th battle against cancer. May they find the strength and faith and courage to fight it.


Gracious God, I give thanks for all the young people who came through BSM this summer. May the cherish their experience of you here and act on it in all their days. Amen.


When my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Thank you BSM for leading me to that rock sometimes. Thank you for pushing me and leaving me to find it on my own sometimes.

I pray that we all draw closer to our rocks.


Full recovery and restored health for my friend Jenny.


Please pray for our anxious middle school summer initiative participants. Pray that they allow themselves to relax and be humble and to see God.


Dear God,

I pray for the strength to indulge in you—and to stop indulging in worry about the election and obsessive polls-checking.



Please pray for me as I prepare financially and through minimizing my possessions for a move. Thanks.


My sister and her boyfriend are moving to Seattle. I pray for them to travel safely and to build a life together there that they love as much as I love the life I have here.


I’m thankful for God making my heart and vision of justice and equality more radical. I pray for deep peace in the world, comfort and solace for the mourning, and healing for the sick in body, mind, or spirit.




Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality and creating a spiritual home for all, especially those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. For more information click here.