Last Night at BSM

August 28, 2016

Last night, Rev. Andy Greenhow took us back to the basics with a foundational text from Luke 14. He told the story of how BSM has been dedicated to extending radical hospitality outlined by Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. Then he encouraged us to imagine how we can continue to do this in new ways in our future together. Listen to it here.

The choir brought us a mix of BSM classics and songs about hospitality, including Golden by Jill Scott and Let Us Break Bread Together.

Our community offered the following prayers:

Please pray for:
1. Parents who have lost young children to gun violence in the first month.
2. For me as I testify in Hsbg. Senate hearings in LGBTQ civil right on Tues. Aug 30
3. For my ****, that she may grow in wisdom and favor and abundance this year.

Grateful for a restful time with family in Seattle. I ask for prayer that I can give of my time during this season of job searching, and that I find a job in a “timely” manner.
Please pray for the **** family as they support each other through painful challenges.

1. Courage to gather people with big hearts and ideas for a new social initiative.
2. Diligence in my own prayer lift
3. Friend’s safe pregnancy
4. Friend’s trip to Palestine for Christian Peacemaker Teams.

to heal physical ailments
prayer to grow closer to Christ and to be of service

For **** as she approaches chemotherapy this week. I ask you Lord to surround **** with your love; comfort her; nourish her with your spirit. Care too for ****, ****, and ****. Guide us, ****’s family to listen closely to support **** in a loving, grounded way. Amen.
For **** our exchange student from **** that God protect him and his visit and the he has a rich and valuable experience.

God, I’m feeling more like myself right now. Thank you. Also, thank you for these amazing people. Thank you for my amazing friends and loving family. Be with those I care for, help me to get out of the way, to let you transform. Help **** and I with our friendship and family relationships, and thank you. I am so grateful.

Please pray that I would have strength to wait on God and trust in His love, power, plan and provision for my life, ****’s life, ****’s and ****’s lives and for all of our loved one and indeed our world.

Thankful that in a city that has so seldom felt like home to me, that BSM is a steadfast home-base for me and so many others. Prayers for this place and all who dwell here, as we continue to move forward “In remembrance of me.”

I’m grateful for sand and sun and time with friends and family. Love, peace, and support for those in Italy, Louisiana and California who are in need. I pray for peace in all hearts and health for my family.

For BSM—to all of you!
For my mom and her smile
For **** and the residents of ****
For **** and family as chemo begins again. Give her strength
For **** and **** as they begin school
For our guest **** that his time with us be fruitful and the hope his family know that he is safe
For my wife—I am grateful for her in my life
For all of Philadelphia

Help me see all of it more like poetry and less like algebra.

Prayers for my faith.
Prayers for the Syrian refugees
Prayer for the physical and mental health of my family

Please give me the grit and perseverance needed to keep going on this path you have put me on. There are nights it feels overwhelming and lovely, but I can’t give up! Please bring peace, comfort, and clarity.

Please be with all the children returning to school. Protect them. Help their teachers and families to instill a love of learning in them. Help them grow in love, safety, and spirit.

God help me get more connected. Am I doing ok? Help me figure it out. Thanks.

I pray we open our eyes to our neighbors in need and greet them with love, not with disdain.

I offer praise to my God for answered prayers, as well as ask that He will guide me through a time of transition.

So if the music met in the “Time capsule” Why don’t we record a CD of Christian music to market at BSM?
Thank you Lord thank you Jesus for Pastor Sammie in “spirit” a ton regarding a community garden, to serve BSM. It is inspiring to see the number of different people involved and taking part. The 1st year harvest was successful…Pray that volunteers have gloves to wear and tools to use. And a dry storage area. Without rain we must improve the watering system. Thank you Lord.

Deeply homesick, and I’d love prayers to help me adjust to college.


Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality and creating a spiritual home for all, especially those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. For more information click here.