Last Night at BSM

October 10, 2016

Rev. Sammie Evans began the October sermon series, “The World God Calls Us to Create,” with Genesis 1:26-31. She explored the meaning of dominion, what a just relationship with creation looks like, and applies it to citizenship. The responsibility and accountability to the city & our neighborhoods are direct links to what it means to be citizens in the world God invites us to create.

Listen here.

Prayers from the gathered community:

My mom is having surgery to remove her gallbladder. She is 80 years old and so please pray for her safety and recovery.


I am so thankful that I got my kids back!


Hello friends!

I’m reflecting that I’ve been harboring bitterness in relationships. I’ve struggled to rest in God’s love and to talk to God. I would love prayer as I begin counseling and tend to my spiritual rootedness.


Feeling fearful about the future and need strength, hope and clarity as I continue to look for jobs. Please pray for my friend **** in his recovery and that he may find joy and purpose in his art.


Please pray for our daughter **** as she applies to colleges. Please pray for ****’s father, ****, who is newly adjusting to life at a senior living center in ****, after living nearly his whole life (87 yrs) in NJ.


For ****- healing, peace of mind, heart

For my children- ****, ****, ****, **** for wisdom, for SOUL food in this culture

For ****- love, growth


Dear Lord, thank you for all your blessings to me, this city, and our great nation. Help me to be a good steward of the time, talents & resources you have given me. Help our nation be good stewards as well, including upcoming elections. Let there be reconciliation between different peoples.


Dear God, please help us to stay at peace with each other and be more thoughtful of effects our actions can have on everybody else.


I pray this new relationships is blessed by God and last forever


Dear God

I pray you are with **** this week.




For my mom and her caretakers

For the 2nd Annual Stewardship Campaign

For **** and his roommates

For Peace in Philadelphia and all cities

For my Sister and Peace of Mind


Dear Lord,

Thank you so much for this community here at BSM! This community gives me hope for our city and our world. Grant me the strength to pass on all the blessings and love I have received from you and the people you have sent to my life.

Alleluia and Amen!


Prayers for my friend **** who is starting her 4th of many rounds of chemotherapy. Pray for restored health & strength.


Thank you Lord Thank you Jesus that Hurricane Matthew was not as difficult to deal with as expected although the damage was significant and lives were lost. Protect all who serve our country here and abroad. Key all over the world. Amen.


Please pray for me as I work to discern which path a relationship should take. I need patience, wisdom and clarity. Please be with all the children in schools who are hungry, tired, or afraid. Protect and nourish them in heart, body, and soul. Please, vanquish hate. Let it stop permeating and infecting Your people and Your world. Let Love reign.


Dear Father,

Thank you for the grace and mercy that the **** teach us- please bless them during their house transition. Thank you for examples of kindness, radical kindness and love. Please take control of this week, please guide me and let me do as you will – help me hear you and act in accordance to your will.

I love you,

your daughter.


I’m grateful for laughter. I’m grateful for the blessing of my family and our love for each other. I pray for health for my family and friends. I pray for peace and healing in our world.


Thank you God for bringing my family of origin this far. Please watch over my son.