Last Night at BSM

October 24, 2016

For the third week of BSM Church’s stewardship series, “The World God Call Us to Create,” Rev. Sammie Evans preached on 1 Corinthians 14:1-5. In her sermon, “Your Gifts Matter,” Sammie unpacks the context of Paul’s letter to the Corinthian church while applying it to the contemporary issues of the church today. The gifts people have to offer matter, whatever they are, but they impact the community more deeply when people share them in order to build up others and glorify God in doing so.

Listen here.

Prayers from the community this week:


Please pray for:

–This community

–My friend **** as she goes thru a tough time @ work

–****, my daughter, as she figure out her life; strengthened and encouraged following a physical assault on the street of NY 2 weeks ago


I pray for hope and peace.


Dear Father,

Please bless us to hold **** & **** in all the right ways- help this season of transition be a blessing to all. Please use this change as a way to bring us together and let them know how dear they are to us.



Dear God,

I pray for peace in my heart and relationships. Help me be loving to others. Help me tackle my responsibilities without anxiety. I am feeling blue lately and pray for strength.




I’m anxious uneasy and doing my best to stay positive. Open my eyes to hope and goodness.


Dear God,

I pray for peace of mind.



Thank you Lord

Thank you Jesus

May our neighborhoods be united with trust or fear.

Thank you


Lord, help me to be full of grace. Not anger or bitterness or sadness. Full of grace.


Prayer for comfort when my heart is weak.



I pray that my anxieties don’t get in the way.

Keep my eyes fixed on you.

Thank you for calling me

To do your work. Please keep

Guiding me. I love you. And

I love this place.



Dear God-

Please continue to heal my sister’s body and spirit after her car accident in August. She might need eye surgery, and I’m scared. She’s also going through a divorce, too. Show me how to be a good sister to her right now.