Last Night at BSM

October 31, 2016

As part of the fourth week of our stewardship series, Rev. Andy Greenhow preaches on 1 Kings 3:16-28. God calls us to discern, not to destroy. In this discernment process, God invites us to execute justice through the use of our gifts.

Listen here.

Prayers to be lifted up:

Pray for the very old, the very young, the hungry, the poor, the sick, the fearful and for the people who think they have it all together.

Please pray for **** and all high school seniors going through the college app process. As well as for all who are managing transition in their lives.

Please pray for:

**** as she makes decisions about her “next steps,” may she be open to the help of others

Me. As I endeavor to be “unstuck” in certain areas of my life.


Please pray with me for the family of ****. Gospel singer who recently passed away. Keeping his voice and inspiration at the top of many peoples dreams. May he rest in peace.

Praying for **** and myself as we travel abroad next weekend.

**** heals in her new home may she continue to be cared for at 90 years old.

Please pray for **** (health) and **** (health) from **** in Camden

**** & her family sorrow

Thank you!!


I pray for my parents as they look for jobs, as well as my step mom as she starts taking nursing pre-requisites. I ask for prayer that I may do better self-care.


Please pray a prayer for peace for my grandmother, ****, 90 years old, who has a rare skin disease, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis. Pray that she can heal, rest, and enjoy her life without pain and suffering.

Thank you

Prays for my friends family going through mourning.

I am praying for **** + **** + all who will be part of the future of BSM. Please join me.

I feel so overwhelmed.

God, help me focus on what’s really important. I don’t know how to balance all of the things I have to do. Help me not to panic.

Please help **** and I find fulfillment and joy. We both just feel so drained. Stuck. Frustrated.

I also want to help BSM with this transition, but its just another thing that feels overwhelming.

God, I pray for ****,

For ****.

For ****.

For ****.


****. ****. ****.

For myself.


Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus

For **** – he will be missed

Prayer to the Pennridge Community in the loss of a young man yesterday

Let’s not forget North Carolina and the “floods” of water and people

I am in awe of our wonderful Lord and Savior

Dear God,

Please guide those in my family in love and purpose.

Open the hearts of all people to the need for love of the lonely

Replace hate with love.

Help us usher your peace into the world.


For ****




For **** + ****

For ****

For BSM- for this community

For our city

For our country (oh boy)

For my mom + her smile

For my sister + her peace of mind

For **** during chemo + her strength to beat ‘it’ a 4th time.

For ***** on his 15th B-Day!

For **** in his 15th year – wisdom, character, soul.

For **** – with gratitude for continued wisdom, honesty, leadership

For **** – that she feel God deeply

I’m grateful for **** and the gifts he has given to us & will continue to give to this place. I’m grateful for the sense of connection & love that brings sadness to my heart as he leaves us. I’m grateful for the ties that bind us together & for our brothers & sisters around the world.

Dear God-

Please clear the brush from ****’s path.