Last Night at BSM

November 21, 2016

Last night at BSM, Rev. Andy Greenhow preached on Jeremiah 23:1-6. He encouraged BSM Church to remain united, to resist evil and oppression, and to support the leadership at Broad Street Ministry. Andy exhorted the community to articulate and stand for something, and modeled this by sharing his bedrock beliefs. BSM’s got this and got each other.

Listen here.

Prayers from the gathered community this week:

Pray for people struggling with addictions; people in my family, in my neighborhood, in our city, state and world.

That ****’s ministry will continue to be blessed by God as he moves on from BSM

I ask for help against what feels like infinite sadness and a dread of living comes back. I pray that I never give up.

Thank you,


Prayers that we may come together this holiday season- that families who feel divided by this election may experience healing, that people who are lonely may find belonging, that people who lack resources may be supported financially.

I pray for my continued job search- ugh.

Peace be upon ****

As she passes from

This life to the next.

May her family and friends

Be comforted as they grieve.

Pray for my dear friend ****. She lost her mother a month ago, and lost her husband last week. Pray for her, her young son, and extended family.

Prayers of blessing and goodwill to **** & **** on their new beginning in Pittsburgh. May they continue to touch people and spread God’s love.

Dear Father

Take care of my friend, colleague & my teacher. Please bless him & **** and bless us to know how to be a blessing to them.

Please be a bigger part of **** & my life together. I am grateful for you.

Your daughter, ****

For **** and **** and all those who have left us, and for all those who grieve them

For **** and **** and all those who are newly joining us and all those who will welcome and lead them.

For all those who are afraid, who feel unwelcome, may they find home in their heart and among all.

Lord forgive me for the many ways I ignore or allow the costs of those things to which I have committed.


Bless **** and **** as they start a new life together in Pittsburgh. Give them what they need and let them trust on you to provide it.

I will miss **** and **** terribly. I am sad.

Please pray for my family, for them to have open hearts and minds and that I will do the same- communicating and acting with them wisely.

Thank you.

To not fill voids with attachments.

To allow life to flow through me.

To help me find myself while becoming more selfless.

Guide ****


He goes

I hear things are a little hard right now, with another transition coming quickly on the heels of one that was not a walk in the park. Amidst all this change internally in your bedrock, the question of the day, you have also the state of the nation and our communal turmoil to contend with. You are mourning. You are mobilizing. All amidst a backdrop of rampant change rubbing up against your radical hospitality. Well shit! That’s an awful lot to manage alone. Luckily you’re not, you’re among friends. And you’re leading. And learning. And singing. Amen.

I pray to continue to open my heart and mind to conversations I have with people who are different from myself.

I’m going to miss this place and I’m excited to find out who I am without it, but also scared not to have it.

Thank you, God, for ****’s gifts and the blessing of his presence, energy and ministry to this community. Be with him and his wife **** and bless their new path. Peace, courage, and unity for our communities!

Dear God,

Thank you


**** and **** experiencing serious problems with ****’s pregnancy.

**** at **** with life threatening breathing problems.

**** in his new adventure and BSM as they begin to write a new chapter.

That God will guide my heart and bring me the joy of his love.

Thank you Lord

Thank you Jesus

May **** and **** continue to have a wonderful safe happy life together.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for sending us ****. Please, watch over him and us in the days to come. Thank you for the many blessings you have given me and grant me the strength to be a light in the world.