Last Night at BSM

December 5, 2016

For the second Sunday of Advent, Michele Ward explores John 9:1-12, the healing of the blind man. The wisdom of Jesus surprises and alarms in this story, pointing the disciples to speak truth and see clearly. He heals the man born blind, and commissions him to testify to the good news of what Christ has done.

Listen here.

Prayers of the people:

I am grateful for some relief this week.

I also pray for my children.

I pray that I may stay positive and sane during this busy season of catering jobs, and I pray that I may be a light to my coworkers

Please pray for my brother as he struggles with addiction and depression

That God continues to bless my relationship and help us to continually grow together and become equally yoked.

Bless my career and help to put in place the right team for **** and I as we navigate our career.

Continually be thankful and count my blessings

Feeling depleted

Jesus, be my portion- you might need to get my attention to make me remember to turn to you. Not so good at that right now (paying attention)

I pray to see clearly how to survive and help others survive. I pray to believe that God has a plan.

Dear God,

Please be with **** and wrap her in your love. Give her the confidence and guidance she needs.



I know it’s the wrong season but …

I give thanks for the old prayer card I read “And the rock was rolled away…”

I give thanks for knowing the resurrection that follows.

You’re so great.


Dear Lord,

Please watch over my grandmother, and grant my parents peace over the fact that they cannot help her more. Grant me the strength to be their safe place in this time. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me thus far. Amen.

Thank you Lord

Thank you Jesus

For our beautiful Advent season.

Bless us with safety and good health.

Thank you.

Prayers for ****’s family

Dear God,

Please be near to us all this Advent. Shed your clarity and light upon me. Be with my husband as he adjusts to a new job and also enters finals week. I love you.


Prayers for peace. We could all use more peace right now both within and in the world in general. Prayers for wisdom as well, exams are starting.

Please pray for my friend **** recently diagnosed with colon cancer

I love Advent!

Thank you, God, for the gift of hope through Jesus Christ. I pray for deep peace in all hearts, starting with mine. I pray for health and hope for my beloved sisters.