Last Night at BSM

December 12, 2016

Last night at BSM, Devin Johns preached during our third week of our Advent series, “Embodying the Leadership of Christ.” Her sermon, entitled “Might & Counsel,” featured the story of Jonah 4:1-11. She explores the dynamics of might and mercy, arguing that God’s mercy is an act of might.

Listen here.

Prayers of the community:

I thank God for a great week.

Please pray for:

My daughter ****- that God will lead people into her life who will be like angels helping her as she goes thru a tough time

Me- as I figure out the things in my life that are confounding and as I deal with grief I feel over changes in relationships in my life

Thank you for praying about my seminary studies and other concerns of mine

Pray for the President Elect Donald J. Trump that God will give him wisdom like King Solomon’s beginning reign

Remember all those hurting and forgotten ones.

Dear God,

I pray for good health, rest, and strength for myself as I travel to India for the next few weeks. I pray for BSM and its extension of hospitality to all. I pray that God’s Kingdom come and His will be done in these dark days.


Dear Lord,

Thank you for my team, my friends, who support me thru thick and thin. Help me to resolve long standing problems and be a servant leader. Help me to heal, forgive, and be generous. Give me conviction and surety of your love.

As I transition out of work to focus on my health, I pray that I am able to get to a state of healthfulness that will allow me to receive a kidney transplant.

Prayers for those finishing up their semester: ****, ****, **** and all the others.

Prayers for **** and ****.

Prayers for **** as she goes through recovery.

Prayers for my grandma’s itchy skin, and that she may progress in her PT.

Dear Lord,

Thank you. Plans didn’t go my way today, which allowed us to be here. It was much needed.

Please help wise decisions to be made about school, a home, and relationships. Help me discern my path. Help me move and fear not. Protect my heart, surround it with love, truth, and courage.

Prayers for the peace and health of my family.

Prayers for ****’s family.

Prayers for me to find a significant other.

Lord, give me peace and allow me to be content in my life, or to follow steps to create a change if it is needed.

Thank you Lord Thank you Jesus. May you guide us this Advent season. Pray for our 1st responders, police, and fire. Service people may they be Army, Navy, Coast Guards and Marines. May Syria somehow receive peace.

Thank you for

These lights

In the darkness

I need

Strength to

Live into

(and hear)

My calling

Help my unbelief


Dear God-

Help me to be less Jonah and more Rebecca.

Dear Lord,

Please watch over my grandmother. Grant her peace as she deals with newfound frailty. Please be with my parents as they try to find a solution to her housing situation. Grant me the strength to stand up for what is right. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me, this day and every day.


Please pray for my cousin, as she is dealing with some difficult medical issues; please pray for a diagnosis and a good care plan, and for peace.

The family and friends of **** who passed away this week. **** was the long term cook at Camp **** and touched hundreds of thousands of lives. Prayers for him and all who mourn him.

I pray for my family, especially for my dad’s health and for my sister’s new life in Seattle. I pray for my relationships while struggling to understand new things about myself. I pray for the safety of our country and our world, and to see a way forward to God’s plan.

Please pray for a friend, ****. He is struggling with his identity, and needs God’s grace.