Last Night at BSM

December 26, 2016

Christmas Eve, Rev. Sammie Evans preached a homily titled “Be the Light” during a service of lessons and carols about the coming birth of the Christ child. She spoke on the importance of the incarnation, the impact of God getting “down in the pit” with humanity, and God’s invitation to us to do the same for others.

Christmas Day, Rev. David Norse shared a meditation on John 1:1-18 and Matthew 1:8-2:23 titled “Light in the Darkness.” He preached on the necessity of the story of Christ’s birth narrative, especially the parts of the story that are messy, uncomfortable, and dangerous.

Listen here.

Prayers of the gathered community:

Christmas Eve

I have a terrible time with Christmas, so I ask for peace and calm instead of depression and anxiety. Thank you.

Friend’s mom has breast cancer

Parent’s friend died at 60 of heart attack without warning. Family is grieving well together

God bless everyone

I pray that something will be different after the telling of the story this year. That God will meet us in our longing.

Embolden me to join others in the pit. Help me work out my own issues in that pit.

Prayers for **** and ****

Prayers for the **** family- family members’ health

Thank you for Light

I am feeling in a pit…

Missing my family, working on relationship obstacles, and financial obstacles.

Please help me with a way up and out

Be the light

Be the light

Be the light.

I pray the light

Doesn’t go out.


I think it was


I hope you

Do too.

Thank you for this

Community. Thank you

For this team. AMEN.

Prayers for peace in my family and with friends.

Be with my grandma, celebrating Christmas without my grandpa the first time in 63 years.

Be with my friend **** and her parents, celebrating without **** another Christmas

Be with my best friend ****. Heal her injuries from her car accident and keep her pregnancy stable.

Christmas Day

For my singles ministry I have been involved in for 3 months. Thank you Kindly

Please pray for God to break through my resigned disappointment and through the darkness seemingly enveloping any/all who are facing acute struggles. May hope and love and faith outshine their opposites.

I pray that God may continue to break into the world, and that I may be His vessel. Thankful for time with my brother this weekend.

Please pray for my upcoming move, and for new beginnings in my life, and in friends and family.

Out of the night comes the day

Out of the endless stretch

Of space, the sun

Through folded hands, see,

Mary, with the stars in her hair,

Bearing the light of the world

Thank you for baby **** born today!

Grateful for friends and family and all the messiness we’re in together

Break in through the darkness, God

Help me be not afraid this week. I love you. I know you love me. Please remind me that my family does too.