Last Night at BSM

January 3, 2017

On New Year’s Day, Michele Ward preached on Luke 2:22-38, the presentation of Jesus at the temple in Jerusalem. The Christ child provokes decisions for Mary and Joseph, for Simeon and Anna, and also for us. What will we do with the Christ child now that he has arrived?

Listen here.

Prayers of the gathered community:

Please pray for my coworker who recently found out she is pregnant and is struggling with her and the father’s decision to keep the baby.

Also pray for **** as she travels to Columbia for a month.

I and many people need positive change in 2017! We need God’s grace to make it happen.

It’s been one heaven-of-a-run. I’ve loved these people with all I’ve got God, as much as I’ve been able. Thank you. Be with me God and guide my search for my next call. Bless this place, and leaders and congregants.

Thank you. Thank you.

Peace to ****, ****, and all who mourn ****’s death. Bless my mom and dad, and comfort Uncle ****.

Give me boldness to continue softening my heart and connecting with new people to talk about revolutionary things.

Please pray that everybody will keep all the vow we made to God according to Job 22:27-28 and Jonah 2:9. Please pray that we have all God’s promises from all God’s Bibles as well and this includes the whole LOD community as well. Pray all of God’s promises over the LOD community and also Donald Trump and his administrations.

Please pray for me as I love and care for myself better

For **** – that 2017 may bring peace and abundance

For ****’s son

**** and his wife as they seek to overcome their drug addiction

Pray that God would make Himself known in very real and undeniable ways to every person who comes through the doors of BSM- or who has ever come through them in the past. And pray that all would have courage enough to hear/listen/act upon whatever God makes known to us all.

Let this year be one of peace and fulfillment for my family, my friends, BSM and my community of support and for me to be conscious and able to fulfill God’s will to the best of my ability.

My prayer is for my mother, ****, that she will have a prosperous 2017. Thank you, ****

Thank you Lord

Thank you Jesus

You are wonderful beyond words.

My sister and I appreciate you always

Prayers for **** too

Dear God,

Please wrap yourself around Jordan when I physically am unable. Please give her the strength she needs during this physically and continually draining time of her life. I pray for your guidance as to how I can best help her when we are separated by distance. Amen.

Dear God- I’m scared for my grandma – her health took a turn this week. Her liver count is really high (over 800). She is very frail and I worry that she might not make it. Please heal her, and give me the strength for whatever happens. Help me trust you to take care of her (and me, too). I love you. Amen.


I pray for the


To keep

Looking inward,

To care for


To avoid harming


And to be brave




For BSM and ASPC and their staff

For 2017

For **** and his safe return home

For my wife and kids

For peace of mind

For my mom, my sister and brother

For **** and that chemo helps more than it drains

For **** and his roommates

For **** and his new role

So that all are always welcomed at the table.

Thank you Lord, for my sister being cancer-free! I pray others will get the same good news. Help me to be the healer you mean me to be. I pray for peace, hope, and generosity in this city, country, throughout your world