Last Night at BSM

January 16, 2017

Last night at BSM, Rev. Samantha Evans preached on the prophetic words of Micah, an Old Testament prophet. Readings from Dr. MLK Jr., Alice Walker, and Micah set the tone for Prophet Sunday this year. Micah calls out to the people of Israel to be maladjusted to the injustices of their time and place, and calls out to us from history to be maladjusted in our time and place. God fulfills God’s covenant  – God’s promise – with humanity by forgiving Israel and continuing to be in relationship with them. God also invites Israel to be in relationship and fulfill their end of the covenant too – be being maladjusted to injustice, and bringing God’s justice into being.

Listen here:

Prayers of the gathered community:

In Jesus’ Name,
I pray for a secure financial circumstance as I work and struggle to maintain and be responsible. I am thankful.
Thank you, ****
May God bless this prayer community, you continue to give me hope and courage to continue to remain positively motivated in a negatively motivated world.
I ask for prayer that I would be able to discern how I can resist systems for injustice with my life.
Please pray for my coworker **** in the beginning stages of her pregnancy that she would have peace and a healthy baby.

For Broad Street Ministry
Make me
For your
And word

Continued prayers for our nation as the President-elect prepares to become President. Comfort all those who fear the next 4 years. Continue to guide in love over hate.

Pray for my friend **** who has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

On my heart: **** and her family. Please take away any pain and give her and her family peace and support. ****: he want to protest, to work for kindness and to wipe out hate. Thank you for his heart! Please help me and our community to guide him. Prayers for me as I discern a relationship, if it can move forward, or if it needs to be let go. Help me also to see ways to be a helper in this world and to move and to love boldly without fear. Prayers for all those staying at the PTH, and their caregivers.

I pray for ****.
Healing for my mother.
A miracle for ****
I pray for every BSM guest, volunteer, congregant and staff member

Dear God,
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Please be with all of us.
I love my husband.

Thank you Lord,
Thank you Jesus.
Look out for Philadelphia police, fire, first responders
MLK Day, freedom
Our new administration
Thank you

To bring me through the path that I keep taking the long way around. Surrender to your will

Prayers for ****

Dear Lord,
Please be with my mother as she processes her cancer diagnosis. Grant me strength to be her rock during this time and help me to dig deeper to be a faithful disciple to our covenant with you. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me and I will strive to pass these onwards.

Dear God,
Please heal my father-in-law’s body, including his pneumonia and enlarged pancreas.
Encourage my partner, renew his spirit as he begins the semester.
Ease our financial worries.
I love you.

Prayers for peace and health in my family
Prayers for the families of **** and **** and ****

Dear God
Please be with **** as she struggles and feels depressed; comfort her and love her