Last Night at BSM

February 1, 2017

Sun. Jan. 29, Michele Ward preaches on the first sermon of Jesus in Matt. 5:1-12. She explores the first acts of the ministry of Jesus in each gospel, and what they say about the kind of Jesus the writers were trying to portray. Matthew portrays Jesus as the ultimate teacher. If the disciples are meant to be learners, we are, too. So sit on top of the mountain, and learn from Jesus. He will show you what it means to truly be blessed.

Listen here.


Prayers of the gathered community:

Pray for **** as she studies for her test this week

Pray for me as I seek a new housemate. Also for discernment and wisdom in my decision making.

For my mom as she searches for a job and goes through a breakup

Last century, I went to a psychiatrist and psychologist who prescribed antipsychotic meds to me that have damaged my ears. The resulting Eustachian tube dysfunction has stayed with me until this day. It is very painful, and it’s too late to sue. Please pray for me that this problem will subside and I can lead a more happy and productive life. God bless you all.

I pray for continued discipline and success in building my career, building my relationships, and my finances. Amen. I also pray for the city of Philadelphia and the prosperity of this ministry. Thank you.

For convinction and courage for Christian leaders across the world to speak out in defense of immigrants and refugees especially those leaders whose followers are largely supporters of **** and his recent hateful actions

Please pray that God anoint me to keep every vow I made to him just like Job 22:27-28. Pray for all the prayer requests of all the LOD community (past, present, future, all etcs) as well as all the no prayer requests as well. May they all be answered regardless. Pray for **** and **** too also that God bless them, etc.

God, I pray for everyone in this country resisting the forces of hate and fear. I pray for strength, wisdom, grace and loud voices. I pray for our collective mental health, physical health, spiritual health. I pray for God to stand with all of us. We are in it for the long haul. Amen.

Dear God- Thank you for the steps to financial stability this week. Continue to guide my partner **** and I in the ministry you have for us. Give us your wisdom and discernment. Thank for the job for ****. I love you. Amen.

God, I’m grateful for this place, its people and the love and compassion that is here through you. Help that only to increase. Help me to be the person you made me to be. Help our nation and world to live more through and for you. Amen.

I pray for energy. For people to keep fighting and pushing back against ****. I pray for people to  keep advocating for truth and love.

For BSM and ASPC and their staff, guests, and congregants

For our country

For our city

For ****, ****, **** and **** that they get good care.

For my mom and her caretakers

For ****, ****, ****, ***

For today and tomorrow and the warmth of the sun

For youthful indiscretion

Please pray for my friend whose mother is dying. She is also in an abusive relationship. She recently lost her infant son to foster care because of this. Give her hope and strength.

Please give me guidance with my current vocation. It is no longer fulfilling and is contributing to my unhappiness. Please help guide me.

Please be with all who feel lost, abandoned, and marginalized right now. Please give them peace.

Dear Lord, Grant me the strength to advocate for the people and ideas that make up this city and country in these scary times. Help me to get over the overwhelming and crippling feeling that there is to much work to be done. Please be with my mother and father as she begins to fight her cancer. Grant **** peace from the turmoil in his mind. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me today and every day. Amen.

Dear God,

I pray for the refugees and immigrants turned away from airports in the US. Strengthen and protect them. Strengthen our voices for justice. Open the ears of those whose hearts are hardened out of greed and opportunism. Help me hold fast to love and commitment to love others. Amen.

Roots down

Arms up

Hands open

Thank you Lord

Thank you Jesus

Keep us strong

Faithful hopeful

Kind patient

To everyone

Thank you for thinking about me. I am alive and doing fine.

Feeling heartbroken and overwhelmed…loss of a relationship in my life, chaos and hate and fear at every turn around the country and globe, uncertainty of how to help. Please pray for healing … for this country, for the church, for us, for me. Please pray that people will recognize the different between hate and anger. Please pray for bravery, wisdom, perseverance and above all love. Pray for BSM as it works to discern its voice and path in this neighborhood, city, world … we have work to do.

Thank you God for helping me to stay strong and persevere.

Dear Lord, thank you for the fellowship I have found at BSM.

We pray for the family and friends of **** as together we mourn, comfort one another, and celebrate the life of your beloved daughter. We also lift up in pray **** and her family, ****’s sister ****, ****, ****, **** and all those who remain on our hearts.