Last Night at BSM

March 20, 2017

Devin Johns preached on “Reclaiming Evangelism” through the eyes of the Samaritan woman in John 4. She attests to the power in the word evangelism, the impact of shaming the Samaritan woman as Western readers, and the act of taking new ownership of and redeeming the proclamation of the good news. The good news is for all- for the nobodies, the somebodies, and everyone in between.

Listen here.

Prayers of the gathered community:

Pray for the homeless, unemployed domestic violence

Pray for the mentally ill

Pray that people get jobs

***** always puts me down and calls me names and hurts my feelings


That God will bless me with a job so I can get a permanent place to live, and that his will be done in my life


Please pray for my healing for a broken heart. A friend who professed to love and care for me has been lying to me for many years. May God help me to love and respect myself and turn away from people and things who/that are worthless. Thx.

I thank God for keeping my children and I safe and stable this week.

I am so thankful that I discovered the music of Ladysmith Black Mambazo this week. Their music is making me happy and feeling close to God.

Pray for the sick, the scared, the addicted, the very old. Pray for God’s hope and peace and vision to fill our hearts and minds and souls.

I pray for grace and strength so that I may live more intentionally

I pray for **** and **** as they work hard in grad school

Dear Father,

Heal **** and lift his spirit, help me know how to support him. All my love, ****

Prayers for balance this upcoming week and month

For my husband who’s on a trip for work and nervous about flying.

For ****

Dear God,

I feel tired and unready for another week. Fill my spirit with an infusion of your energy. Bless my time at home this weekend. Give me your wisdom as I walk into chaos at home with my mom. I love you. Amen.

Thank you Lord

Thank you Jesus

Blessings to all who need love at BSM

May all continue to eat at Rooster Soup to make BSM stronger as our needs are so great.

May we find a new strong religious leader 4 BSM

I pray for my sister and her partners finding new jobs and leaving unhealthy situations, and strength to help each other and themselves. I pray for myself to rediscover what I want, and for wisdom and compassion for myself and others, to maintain our relationships when we don’t feel our best. I pray for strength and safety for everyone resisting all over the world.

Please pray for **** and his family.