Last Night at BSM

April 10, 2017

Last night at BSM, Rev. Michele Ward preaches on Matthew 21:1-17, the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem and his direct movement into the temple. The beginning of Holy week, Palm Sunday, leads to reflection on the suffering of Jesus and the journey towards the cross. And yes, it is time to meditate, but Holy Week does not mean a passive Jesus. Jesus enters the city and directly goes to work restoring the temple and returning it to the people. The movement of downward mobility towards the cross–the path of suffering that Christ walks–is a call to action. Listen here.

Prayers of the gathered community:

Everything that could go wrong

All went wrong at one time

So much pressure fell on me

I thought I was gonna lose my mind

But I know you want to see

If I will hold on through these trials

But I need you to lift this load

Cause I can’t take it anymore


Heal my heart and make it clean

Open my eyes to the things unseen

Show me how to love like you have loved me

Break my heart for what breaks yours

Thank you so much for diligently praying for me and my loved ones!

-continued prayer for **** and **** who are both suffering from cancer and the treatments for it

-thankful for how much love and support surrounds them through their experiences

I pray for help and anxiety and a good dollop of hope. I have been having a hard time and am scared of things getting worse.


Pray for the homeless, unemployed, mentally ill, violent abusive people like ****

Thank you for being a space I can return to and be greeted with joy and hugs

Praying for healing and the safe travels of my love, ****. Thank you. Amen.

I ask for prayer that I may more intentionally and meaningfully engage in the messiness of this world.

Pray for my brother and my dad’s job search, and for my mom’s trip to Vegas.

God, thank you for the beauty of the city, your presence I run into all over the place. Thank you for reminding me how to see it. Bless **** with traveling mercies. Comfort the ****. Help me as I discern what comes next. Bless my clients, thank you for good friends, and walk with me as I figure out the whole family transition thing. Oh, and thanks for the blessing of children. What a gift.

I pray for change

I pray for justice

I pray for strength

I pray for resistance

I pray for mercy

I pray for peace

I pray for equity

I pray for hope

Dear God,

Please help me to carry the darkness within me. Help me to be a loving family member. And thank you- Amen.

Break my heart for what breaks yours. Forgive me for my complicity within the empire. Free me to resist. I don’t want to be uncomfortable- help me move into an uncomfortable space. To go down into Jerusalem.

Dear God-

Thank you for filling me with your Spirit. I couldn’t do this work without you. Show me how to move downward. Make me a prophet of the resistance. I love you. Amen.

Prayers for sustained energy and care as the school year wraps up. For faithful answers and paths to honor ****’s needs. For clarity around my roles in life…reaffirming my strengths, my heart, spirit, and vocation. For a way to plug-in to community. For the leaders of communities, states, and countries…give them wisdom, a heart for your people, and a humble spirit. Be with your children, especially in Syria, Mosul, North Korea, and all those imprisoned.

Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful day! Help me to be your servant in it. Help my heart to soften and open to your love. Thank you for your gifts of health and recovery for my family members. Manifest your peace in the Middle East; make us stewards of your peace there and everywhere. Amen.

Thank you Lord

Thank you Jesus

May **** have the courage to seek protection for herself.

Thank you Lord

Thank you Jesus

Please be with my friend **** who just had a miscarriage

Please help me with my patience and anger.

Please be with my friend **** as she prepares to sell her house and looks for another one.

Please be with my nephew. May he continue to grow and become strong.

Prayers for peace and stillness

Dear Lord,

Please watch over my parents and partner, keep them safe and grant them joy. Grant me the strength to look beyond my needs and wants to help those in this community who need it. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me thus far, You have always been more than enough.


The **** family with the process of ****’s mother dying.