Last night at BSM – Easter Edition

April 6, 2015

Last night, BSM’s worshipping community rocked the house with sounds from Kool and the Gang and Johnny Cash. We heard a great word from Convening Ministry, Bill Golderer, titled “What Would You Do if You Had the Power of the Spirit,” from John 20:19-23. In case you missed it, or want to hear it again, you can take a listen:

And, here are the many prayers we offered to God:

Please pray for all the sick and children in need of prayer and guidance. Please pray to improve my relationship with God and family. That God’s will be glorified and we become better with each passing day.


Please pray that the power of the resurrected Christ would transform my life, my family, ****’s and my work, our marriage and empower us to live the lives we were created to live to the glory of God. And the same for all in our church, our city and our world.


Pray for me and my family.


My great granddaughter was born 2 lbs 9 ozs this past week. Her name is **** **** **** ****.


Please pray for:
**** as she begins a new job at **** in **** (as barista/bartender) may she live, learn, grow, be safe and meet her connection for the next step in the journey.

My friend **** and his sick mom.

**** —may he find himself in God’s love and honesty.


I want to know if me being gay is wrong. I know deep down it isn’t but I struggle to accept myself because of my upbringing. I feel alone in this new city, as I am from ****, yet here for college. I have few friends. I’m often alone. My life is in darkness.


Please pray that **** will find work in **** (in Social work) lot’s of applications and opportunities. Also, that we would be able to find a church—where we can continue to grow and be supported just like we have been here!


For continued transformation

For continued courage and wisdom to go forward with God’s plan

For our children that God sometimes “gets in their faces” to know the way, (the culture is so overwhelming)


I pray that I would be challenged and motivated at my job!

I am thankful for rest and God’s light in dark places.


Dearest Lord,

Thank you for calling me into this work and community. Thank you for the courage inside these walls. Please bless all the other kids on the playground. Please “AA” on my family’s souls and hearts—especially my brother ****. I’m so grateful for your undying love and grace. Your daughter, ****.


I am thankful to God for the great people and friends that God has put into my life.


Lately I’ve been shown how I’m incompetent and in the wrong.

Lord be made perfect in our weakness. I pray for the broken-hearted and disappointed we pray for those who are mourning. Let the Resurrection transform all of us into caring for others who piss us off.


Pray for the Lord’s will concerning a new job. I want to be in line with God’s plan for me, even if that plan is for me not to get that job. Pray also for peace-of-mind and wellness for my partner.


I know this is extremely far fetched but I would like for everyone I pray for peace and patience for all.


Help me, Lord, to love him as You would have me love him. It’s very hard to do when he is so full of hate and mistrust. I am tired. I am sad. I am growing angry. Breathe it anew. Please.

Today let’s

just be


that we’re





today. Anyway

Lead em

Out, Lord

Lead ‘em out


Please pray for my aunt who just got “out of the woods,” with a scary/serious hospital stay; that she will have a swift and full recovery. Thank you.


On Easter more than ten years ago my mother died. On Easter three years ago I was baptized. On Easter I pray for my family and thank God for freeing me from the tombs that others had put me in and bringing me into better places, and I pray for the breath of God to keep moving me forward.


I pray that reconciliation will replace resentment.

I pray for ****—that he will find a resurrection rhythm.

That our world will see light in darkness.


Thank you, God. Please support me into coming into true alignment with my gift/birthright/true calling/true love. God the rock was rolled away.


For purpose—

For Joy

For my family—wife, kid’s, brothers, sister, nieces, nephews

For the people of Philadelphia


For kindness, peace of mind and purpose

For Easter


I rejoice for the possibility of resurrection and new life and hope. I pray that we all can sustain this rhythm in the days to come. May we spread this joy and peace among each other, this city, and across the world.


Pray that the Holy Spirit is let in everyONEs heart. Into there core! Thank you!


God bless Broad Street and let the resurrection stay in hearts all year long and inspire us to do great things. Amen.


for my friend who is hurting and afraid—that she might be free.
Thank you, God, for resurrecting me. It is a new dawn.


Prayer for the health of a friend

Prayer for relationship with partner

Prayer for family—future decisions

For our city

Pray for a new stage in life as I start new full time job and manage life as a young adult!


Dear Living God,

Breathe on us. Reconcile us. Help us to be Your love for one another. Be present in us and help us to show up for each other.

Bless our relationships, shape our word, and match them to our actions.


Please pray for those dealing with the loss of a loved one during this time, and pray god sheds his light and grace on all those who are lost, hurt, or alone.

Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality and creating a spiritual home for all, especially those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. For more information click here.