Last Night at BSM – March 15th, 2015

March 16, 2015

3.15.15Last night at Broad Street Ministry’s resident worshipping community, Rev. Bill Golderer brought us a meditation on Romans 15:1-6, 22-33 titled “Allowing Others to Intercede.”


Listen to it here.

After hearing this powerful meditation on the importance of inviting others to pray for us, our congregation offered the following prayers to God.

Dear god-

Please help me find enough peace and strength to get through this week gracefully. I’m obsessed with my shortcomings.




Pray for me as I learn to be still and pray, to work with and embrace my own anxiety. In my prayer I will hold others who experience the discomfort of anxiety.


(1)   The **** Family

(2)   ****- transformation and truthfulness

(3)   ****– a job with benefits

(4)   Me – for courage in my new job…I have lots to do and leadership can be scary and disconcerting


Prayers for my church (****) as they go through a time of transition over the next few months.


Requesting prayer for my grandson **** to be safe and our relationship.


That I may learn to take risk. That my mom be healed and know she is beloved. That I may be a positive presence towards this. God, make your living presence known to me.


Please pray my upcoming decision about my living situation.


Prayers for my nephew **** and healing in his family.


Dear G-d, again I come to you, about my problems, please watch out for my son, my family and my friends, I need your help.

Thank you,


I am still so scared, and so confused. Please pray for me.


Let me get

down in the

trolley track

you made me

I want to feel

that satisfying

click and


it’s your

will not


Pray that I can readily identity things that I should grateful for.

For **** may her arm heal and may we learn from her strength

For **** and her peace of mind.

Thank I have the strength to get more involved.

To be happy and find joy…For BSM

For **** **** ****


Please help me to forgive

Let go of my anger


God, help me to heal, to reunite, to feel less along. Give me awareness. To reunite, to reconcile, in fundamental ways.


this week:

for courage to commit and to express myself and to pray for others and accept prayer for me

also for my family, for strength and healing in grief, and for health

for my friends and for renewal this spring


thanks for God’s acceptance and grace


Continued prayer for my mother, **** ****, and aunt **** ****, who lost their brother/husband. Prayer for my father also,

Prayer of thanks and continued growth for my love relationship and work. I pray that I can continue to be of use to be a better partner and to follow the will of God in all things.


Prayers for **** …physical, emotionally, spiritually.

Pray that I may remember that I am already free in Christ—I don’t have to wait for freedom.

Help me to hear, to listen for God’s voice and to listen to others with empathy.

Help me to do this even when I feel like I have nothing left to give.


I pray for **** **** a young woman who recently had a stroke. She is very sad. Also I pray for my neighbor ****, suffering from pancreatic cancer. She is seriously ill. I pray also for my mother. And ****, ****, and ****.


Thank you for the other kids on the playground that help me see myself through your eyes. Help me to praise you through listening.


I am amazed at how personal of a God you are. Thank you for choosing to actively pursue my heart. Love you Papa God.


Dear God,

Thank you for reminding me that I am loved. That I deserve to be loved. That I can and do love myself. Amen.


Please pray for my friend, **** and for the spirit of his mother, who passed on March 14.


Please pray I’m sober this St. Patty’s Day and the rest of my life.


Please pray for my mom who continues to have health issues that the cause is unknown. I pray for years ahead with her in good health. I pray for my brother, and his new wife to be, and that all of my brothers and father are able to make amends.


Thank you, God, for the gift of **** ****’s life and service and example. I pray that his loved ones may be comforted and have peace in their hearts and minds. Thanks be to God.


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