Last Night at BSM – March 22nd, 2015

March 23, 2015

hqdefaultLast night at Broad Street Ministry’s resident worshipping community, Rev. Andy Greenhow brought us a meditation on Psalm 51 titled “In Defense of Rebukes.” After this powerful meditation our community offered the following prayers to God:

I pray that I will be able to open up my heart to good and wonderful new things in my life. God is generous and I pray that I will be able to see that. Thank you.   **** looking for housing pray for me pray for **** to get a job when he comes back to phila.   Dear God-the stuff I read/see in the news drives me mad~so much pain, loss, and injustice. Please give me the strength and inspiration to see what is right— Amen- ****   Two things:

  1. I would like for this to not be the only time all week that I pray.
  2. I am grateful for the call to offer rebukes with love and can already feel the release that offers me, perhaps even to take self reflection to another level.

Please pray for *****—still looking for work and her direction *Her father—that God will convict him to be a better father to her *For **** —that God may touch and help him understand himself better and be more transparent with those who love him.   Having a baby is scary. Prayers that things go smoothly and we are able to provide this baby with all they may need. –****   I often need to recenter myself around you and purposefully quiet myself before you. Help me to do this more often so that I may more faithfully serve you.   I ask your blessings,   That I may learn to be more able to sit with my self and my thoughts in quiet reflection. That I may be rightly motivated and a positive presence in all my commitments. That my friend know calmness in her worry and healing.   Pray that I gain focus, and stay focused—diligent—and faithful to my studies in seminary. Pray that I pursue excellence.   Tonight kicked ass. Thanks, God.   Dear G-D, I’m not so sure about myself, if I have cancer, be with me in my hour of need. Take care of my son, my family and friends, I can’t do this without you. Thank you,   Thank you for bringing **** into my life. Give her peace.   Dear Lord— Thank you for getting me back on my bike. Thank you for stitching together the beautiful **** **** and gifting his love for us. Please help me to receive my rebukes with humility and grace. Please bless **** this week.   Open our hearts to hear what you’re trying to tell us, open our hearts by grace so we don’t have to get them opened with suffering again and again. Open our hearts to know what you’re trying to teach us. Break our patterns by grace so we don’t have to keep walking this spiral   I thank you, God, for your gift of the family and friends who love us and support us. Please help ****, ****, ****, ****, and **** to know you more and be brought closer to you; please bring them your peace to their hearts and minds, and guide their words and deeds. Thanks be to God.   God, Please pour out your Holy, Mighty, Righteous, and unexplainable joy, grace, mercy, and most importantly, love on **** in this time. Please also move throughout **** ****, help me to make You known wherever I go. Love you. Amen.   Pray for those who don’t know the Gosple. Pray for those who do and need a renewer. He Loves YOU!   Please be with my friends who are struggling. Please help me to forgive. Please help me to let go: stop ruminating.   Prayers for me to not rage or hold grudges. Prayers for my relationships.   Please pray for those of us who have health problems, who strive and hope to continue this beautiful life.   Thank you Lord, for all the little things in our lives that go right, that remind me that You care. Help me to pass on that knowledge by helping the little things with others to go right.   Create in me a clean heart, Oh God. And renew a right spirit within me. I pray that the burden of anxiety, disappointment, and fear would be lifted and replaced with joy and love.   God, Let me keep my face turned toward you. Let me not spiral. Let me be free.   I feel incredibly useless sometimes, and it’s happening a lot lately. I’m tired of watching, pray that O helps lead me to love and serve those who need it.   God, please continue to reveal yourself and your plan for my life. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and give me the strength, wisdom and courage to follow the path you have set before me.   Dear God, I am thankful and joyful that I am healed enough to get back to skating. Keep me safe and careful—but not anxious. I pray I get my moxy back. And thank you for the caring prayer of BSM. Amen.

Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality and creating a spiritual home for all, especially those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. For more information click here.