Last Night at BSM – March 8, 2015

March 9, 2015

Last night in Broad Street Ministry’s resident worshiping community, Rev. David Norse preached “Stumbling Into Being” on John 2:13-22.  Give it a listen here.

Prayers From Last Night

 Thank you for my beautiful friendships that give me life and point me towards what is possible. I ask you to be present in my decisions and would you guide my heart as I make some big decisions.


Dear Father,
Thank you for the bounty of blessings in my life—all your children in my life. Thank you for survival and rehabilitation and new life and loved ones. Please continue to call me to your work and bless my skills to your service. Heal ****, ****, ****’s ex.


For enlightenment and transparency in my friendship with ****.
So…**** lost the job she got at Christmas but has an interview with Warner Brothers Records…pray that this is hers…Please…God she needs a miracle.
In thanksgiving for ****’s life this healing from the shooting.


I do not believe that I will ever loved and that makes me sad. I am so lonely.
I pray for comfort.
Thank you.


I would like prayer for a young man named ****. He was released from prison 4 months ago and is currently living on the streets of Philadelphia. He asked me to put his situation on the Altar of the Saints of God. He is seeking a home. Thank you.


I pray for me to find a place to live. Have a lease where I live at. I pray for **** and **** in Fl to and **** sister come that her comes back.


Prayer as we discern God’s will for us in moving to Seattle, WA.


I seek prayers for God’s guidance in how to serve his/her creation for the rest of my life.


My estranged stepmother is near death. I am seeking to find compassion and forgiveness, while still allowing myself to have feelings, Prayer needed.


Praying for a job. New opportunities in my music career!


I pray for the welfare and benefit of all people here today at Broadstreet Ministry.


Prayers for those without direction or a purpose for themselves.


Please pray for me in my recovery.

Be with ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, and ****. Heal. Bind. Freedom. Bless my life to your use…in body, heart, mind, and spirit. Help my purpose to be clear to me and for me to not be afraid of or stubborn about filling it once it is known. Guide my steps as a person, mother, partner, daughter, sister, and friend. Asking all this in Jesus’ name.


Dear God,
Please help me to see your plan for my life as I wrestle with career decisions. Lead me on your path for me. Amen.


Please pray for the Shipley 8th grader who went missions last week and for his family. Hold them Lord in your care. For the safety of my children and all of our children, may we all extend ourselves to the children in our world.


Lord, I thank you for the gift of your service. Thank you for making me a vessel of your will for the world. I pray for ****. I pray that her difficulties and burdens be lessened and lightened. I pray she may have peace in her heart, mind, words, and deeds. Thank you, God, for your grace. Amen.


For my father, who is lonely.


God I’m just
sweep out



My friend **** is suicidal, and she thinks that no one cares but she’s wrong. I want **** to know that God is with her and we’d miss her if she was gone. Pray for **** to stay alive.


Dear G-d, please help me get past this coming week. I’ll need your help now more than ever. Please watch out for my son, my family and my friends. I’ve never been more confused than I am now. Thank you, ME.


Guidance in my career. Direction. Clear clear clear direction.


Praise Your Holy Name!
You are mighty to save. Help me to live in this midst of Your justice, mercy, grace and love!


God, give me courage and strength to seek you.


I pray that my mom gets some answers about her health and she starts feeling better and that **** gets good news for her health; she finds a job; for **** to get some financial relief soon, for ****, ****, ****, and ****. For ****, ****and my dad to make amends. For peace and health. For Broad Street.


I pray for peace, clarity, and wisdom for my friend **** regarding her relationship and vocation.  I want to lift up the systems of this world to God; the systems that discriminate, depress and oppress people and act contrary to God’s kingdom.


I pray for ****, ****, and ****.
Comfort them. Help me know how to be a better friend.


Keep me focused present me from being anxious.


Prayers for my nephew ****. Prayers for all of my relationships.


Please pray for my friend **** that she can be and feel loved.


Please pray for all of the officers serving and protecting our city.


I pray for daylight and spring
for acceptance of myself
for relationship
for strength for my family and everyone grieving
for the city
for hope
for my own hands and feet


Struggling to find who I am.


Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality and creating a spiritual home for all, especially those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else.  For more information, click here.