Last night at BSM – Palm Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 30, 2015

Last night at Broad Street Ministry’s resident worshipping community, we celebrated Palm Sunday! Rev. Andy Greenhow preached a sermon titled, “It Ain’t Me, Babe,” from Mark 11:1-11.

Take a listen to the sermon here:

Prayers from last night:

I would appreciate prayers for my grandma who fell and is recovering at a rehab facility.


I am so thankful for my genuine and loving community at BSM and Philadelphia in general, in times of joy and in times of restlessness.


I ask this community to pray for **** and I that God may bless our relationship through the commitment of marriage.


I pray that God will bless and anoint our offspring. AMEN!

Prayer for my mother (****). She’s been struggling to maintain our relationship since I came out as gay. She’s trying but seems fearful of engaging in any emotional conversation/offering any support. Also—that our relationship will withstand this time period and grow into something stronger.


Husband—Disabled veteran. Prayer request for wisdom, homeless couple, caretaker, we are here at night. For my husband. Help with decision?


Dear Lord—Thank you!

Please bless all of BSM, please work through me in our work, **** and **** both separately and together, Mom, Dad, and ****, grandma, ****, ****, ****, **** and ****, **** and ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****. Help me grow, love, learn, and find the balance between humility and self-assuredness.


I pray for the safe delivery of ****’s baby girl. That she would not fear.


I repent of my sins and turn towards you. Forgive me. Teach me to love. Love is not selfish or self-seeking.

I’m not sure what to do next in so many aspects of my life. Help me to love people regardless of where I’m going.



Thank you for your example in Jesus Christ. Please continue to love me the way that I need rather than the way I want. Show me how to manifest that same love to others. Please be with **** and **** **** as we head to FL this week.



What is going on that someone would fly a plane carrying 150 people and crash deliberately into a mountain? How can this happen? I pray for all on the place and their families and friends.


Please be with my son this week in his challenges, and with me and all my family. Amen.


Thank you Lord, for guiding me to this community. Keep them safe as they continue to do your work.



Help me to pray. Help me to let go. Help me to be the leader you are calling me to be. Help me to feel your love and know your presence. AMEN.


Thank you for your mercy God. I pray that everyone knows it. Knows ur love.


Dear God,

I pray for a peaceful heart and trust in you that you might show me the way in the possible career change/move to a new position. Amen.


Please pray for my sister who is dealing and trying to overcome a drug addiction.


Dear God, I pray for freedom from rigid thinking. I wish for more openness in my life.

Please pray for my sons as they find their way in the world.


Pray for professional guidance and the Lord’s blessing as my effort to obtain a new position.

I am also, as always, thankful for **** and I pray for continued blessing on our relationship.


Lord, please be with all those grieving the loss of **** ****. Give us your peace and comfort during this time of great sorry.


Prayers for my grandmother especially, and for the health of my family. Thanks for allowing me to join in worship with my voice and for the spring whenever it comes.


I pray in gratitude for health, for the intercessions of St. Rita, and for the love and support of my friend ****.


Please help me

get my

heart open, keep

my heart open

so things can change.

Please do the same

for everyone




God, keep it together.

Grant me focus

and fun,

Help me

experience this.


Please pray for our wonderful, hardworking pastors. You make a wonderful difference in my life and the lives of this community.



I don’t know how to be w/ ****’s father. I have never not known how to be around someone…it is sad and weird to have to think about it. Please help me to be light, to be gracious and kind, but also to be wise. Guard **** from all of our hurts.


Keep him safe, grow him w/ a strong yet tender heart, spirit and mind. Please bless ****, ****, and all those w/ life growing w/in them.


Please help me know my place, my vocation. Please help me to grow and protect all that is love and light.

Bless all that is good. Prune away all that hinders.


For Peace of Mind

Living a life of Purpose

For the victims of the Airliner and the copilot and those suffering from depression.



I pray for peace and comfort for ****’s family as they mourn her sudden death.


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