Meet the New Summer Interns!

June 23, 2017

Every summer we get a new round of fresh faces helping us out for awhile. Get to know our newest team members!
Paul Um currently studies at the University of Pennsylvania in the School of Arts and Science. There he is pursuing a degree in the Biological Basis of Behavior and planning to go on to medical school for a M.D., Ph.D. program. Although born and raised in York, PA, Paul grew up in Market Square Presbyterian Church in Harrisburg, PA. There he was heavily involved in the the youth ministry as an active participant as well as the youth elder in his junior and senior years. After coming to Penn, he has joined Penn Faith and Action, and is now an intern at Broad Street Ministry assisting in the organization and presentation of BSM guest evaluation data. He hopes to develop a stronger understanding of the social work that help vulnerable Philadelphians and to the community that fills those gaps.

Max Hill just finished his first year at Princeton Theological Seminary. Before seminary Max received an undergraduate degree from the University of Arkansas, where he was heavily involved in campus ministry. While there, Max gained ministry experience by working to create leadership programs for college students, working for the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations, and creating and leading a new worshipping community called Uncommon Worship. He was drawn to Broad Street Ministry by its genuine welcome to all no matter who they are and open invitation the table. While he is here, Max hopes to bring his past experience, both personally and professionally, his doubts and questions, his spiritual frustrations, and his snarky attempts at humor. He hopes to leave BSM with a firmer sense of pastoral identity, as well as where God is calling him as a queer pastor. He hopes BSM will be a community of love and support to fall back on and give him a newfound understanding of the unrecognized ways that God impacts our lives.

Alex Abdalla is a Master of Divinity student at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia and is interested in the intersection between worshipping communities and homeless/poverty services. He is originally from Pottstown, Pennsylvania and graduated from Villanova University where he studied Global Interdisciplinary Studies, as well as Arab and Islamic Studies. Before attending Union, Alex volunteered at the Arch Street Methodist student-run homeless shelter and completed an Americorps Year of Service working with Project HOME in Philadelphia. Since moving to Richmond, Alex has been involved in Union’s student government, community organizing, as well as being a Youth Minister at Second Presbyterian Church.  When he is not studying or working, you will find Alex either playing sports, hanging out with his large family, or having a good time with good people.