New at BSM

March 7, 2016

New Meal Starting at BSM on April 19th

We are happy to at long last begin serving a 7th meal! We will now be providing Breakfast on Tuesday mornings in addition to the Tuesday evening dinners. This, of course, means we have new volunteer slots to be filled! If you’re interested in serving breakfast on Tuesday mornings from 7-9 AM, you can sign up here. Our first Tuesday Breakfast will launch April 19th.

Sounds Like Something New

IMG_1447BSM is no stranger to world class hospitality, volunteers, and food. However, calling the world class musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra and experts of Temple University’s Music Therapy program friends is a new and exciting moniker to share. These elite bodies recognize the importance of being active neighbors and taking care of this town together. March 1st  welcomed this unique partnership rounded out by 10 BSM guests that will partake in a 14 week pilot program. In BSM’s hallways you can always hear the gentle hum of community backed up by clinks and clanks from the kitchen and, for the next 13 weeks, we’ll hear the sweet sounds of unlikely company convening  and doing something truly radical together.  Drumroll? Yes, please.

Ready Willing and Able

Broad Street Ministry recently forged a closer partnership with Ready, Willing & Able in Philadelphia. RWA breaks the cycle of homelessness, addiction and criminal recidivism by providing paid transitional work, occupational training, transitional housing and comprehensive support services to homeless men. BSM has hired a number of graduates from the program over the years, including Valedictorian of his graduating class, Dwayne Grant, who has served as BSM’s Facilities Manager for over 7 years. In early February RWA and BSM forged an agreement whereby RWA provides two of its participants to BSM to intern in the kitchen for 30 hours per week doing dishwashing, cleaning and other entry-level responsibilities. They get critical paid work experience in the culinary field to build their resume and BSM gets needed help with the 1,300-1,500 meals we prepare and serve each week. Wayne Chapman and Steven LaForest are our first interns through this partnership, and are extremely hard working and reliable. The next time you visit BSM, please introduce yourself when you come by the kitchen!

Women’s Yoga at BSMyoga

We are excited to announce that BSM is once again offering a yoga class to our female guests on Wednesday afternoons.  This is an amazing opportunity for our women, who are particularly vulnerable to assault and harassment on the streets, to get a chance to have a safe space to themselves and focus on wellness.  Many thanks to Christine Lussier for leading this class and making it possible!

A diversified portfolio

Since 2013, Philadelphia’s hospitality industry has received BSM as a companion in the field. They’ve provided advice, introduced BSM to new friends, held fundraisers, provided event space, served as ambassadors and offered vital volunteer hours. This was the entry point for corporate investment in BSM’s theory of change-utilizing hospitality to change lives. In 2016, BSM wishes to recognize how the private sector is playing a crucial role in improving Philadelphia as a place to work, visit and live-for everyone. We are grateful to extend both warm welcomes and much gratitude to our corporate partners that sponsor meals, are members of the Hospitality & Corporate Council and make up our volunteer base. Please visit http://www.broadstreethospitality.org/corporate-partners/the-hospitality-corporate-council/ to learn more about companies we’re grateful to call friends.