November Volunteer Spotlight: Peggy Bakker

November 9, 2021

Peggy Bakker is our November Volunteer Spotlight! Peggy had been looking for a place to begin volunteering after she retired from a 30+ year career as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. When her husband saw a piece on BSM on Channel 3 she went straight to BSM’s website and signed up for the next week!

Peggy likes spending time every week doing something that helps to make someone else’s life better. She says that she “loves watching the staff interact with the guests. They treat everyone who comes through the door with dignity and respect and they adapt their approach based on where each person happens to be on that particular day. I witness examples of radical hospitality every day in every department I work.”

Peggy especially loves doing mail when guests get checks or great packages! And she is always smiling behind her mask. We are grateful to have someone like Peggy volunteering with us at BSM. Thank you, Peggy, for all that you do!