One Step away

March 22, 2013
osaStability.  A word most of us take for granted until a crisis hits.
Not Rose.  Thirteen months ago, she lost her apartment and found herself on the streets of Philadelphia.  You’ll see her smiling face around Suburban Staion, across from City Hall, shouting, “A dollar for the homeless.”  She doesn’t mind telling you her story, if you have a moment to listen.
Rose is working for One Step Away, a small paper published, produced, and sold almost entirely by our neighbors who are homeless.  Rose pays 25 cents for the paper, then sells it for $1.  The profits from her sales go into a housing fund to find her a permanent home to call her own. A place that will bring stability into her life.
The February issue featured Broad Street Ministry and Reverand Bill Golderer. Learn more by visiting One Step Away’s website at www.osaphilly.org