Our Team

Meet Our Team

Administration & Facilities

Laure Biron, LSW, MSS, MLSP, MFA

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Berry, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Dwayne Grant

Facilities Manager


Kris Jaeger

Chief Development Officer


215-735-4847 x121

Larry Downey

Corporate Relations Manager


215-735-4847 x125

Michael McKee

Communications and Grants Strategist

Sarah Kruger

Major Gifts Officer

Eric Shieh, PhD

Data Analytics Administrator

Melissa Hunsicker

Volunteer and Community Relations Coordinator



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Donald Williams

Associate Culinary Director

Brandon Peebles

Prep Cook

Michael Brown

Prep Cook

Alex Sutton

Prep Cook

Social Services

Geremi K. James, LSW

Chief Program Officer


215-735-4847 x120

Crossley Simmons, MSW

Director of Clinical Support Services

Vonee Hill, BSW, MS

Director of Restorative Services


215-735-4847 x104

Aaliyah Davis

Mail and ID Program Manager

Chyna Parker

De-Escalation Manager


215-735-4847 x122

Fatima Brown

Program Manager for the Clothing Service/Community Hygiene Program

Sam Phillips, MA

Re-Entry Coordinator

Courtney Lane

Behavioral Health & Housing Concierge

Dawn Stacey Joyner, MSS

Avenue of the Arts Concierge

Lynetta Ferguson, BSW

Host/Triage Coordinator

Christel Holloway

Mail/ID Associate

Rob Brown

Mail/ID Associate

Colleen Hendrick

Community Hygiene Truck Coordinator

Mark Mills

De-Escalation Specialist

Pierre Prioleau

De-escalation Specialist

Jeffrey Moore

Mercy Community Hygiene Fellow

Raheim Mims

Mercy Health De-escalation Fellow

To listen to someone reclaiming their identity, and to help them reclaim their ID documents.