Peer to Peer Partnerships!

May 9, 2017

Metropolitan Bakery Tip Jar Campaign

On Wednesday, February 22nd, a group of Metropolitan Bakery associates gathered at Broad Street Ministry to go on a tour of BSM and learn more about our services. After the tour, Metropolitan Bakery left inspired and even more determined to start raising awareness-and funds for BSM.

To help us continue to offer stabilizing services to our guests, Metropolitan Bakery has partnered with BSM to raise cash donations at their flagship shop and café in Rittenhouse Square by operating a tip jar campaign. The tip jar campaign began in March and since its launch, they’ve raised enough funds to keep the Personal Care Pantry open during one of our meals. If you are ever in Rittenhouse Square and are in need of a good cup of coffee or a pastry, stop by Metropolitan Bakery and feel free to leave a tip for BSM.

Pasture to Plate

Last summer Heather Thomason, founder of Primal Supply Meats, came to visit BSM. Since her first visit, Primal Supply Meats has donated their butchery services to BSM, supplying meat products at direct cost for the meals we prepare and serve to our guests.

In 2016, BSM served 76,000 nourishing meals to our guests and this year that number is projected to rise to 84,000. To help us stay on track, Primal Supply Meats partnered with us to launch Pasture to Plate, a campaign to help us raise money to purchase quality meats for our meals with a goal of raising enough money to purchase a whole cow. The campaign ran from April 13th-May 3rd and was a huge success! They raised $2,528, which is enough money to purchase a cow and provide 1,200 nourishing meals to our guests.

BSM Giving Day

May is the birth month of BSM and to celebrate 12 years of being a beacon of hope to Philadelphia’s most vulnerable, BSM launched its first-ever Giving Day Campaign running from April 28th to May 4th. Several local businesses partnered with BSM for the campaign, including Sweet Box Bakery, The Franklin Fountain, Little Baby’s Ice Cream, and Metropolitan Bakery.

Sweet Box Bakery designed a BSM B-day cupcake with $2 from each cupcake sold benefiting BSM. The Franklin Fountain featured a cream soda called “The Land of Milk and Honey.” All proceeds from the sale of “The Land of Milk and Honey” soda benefitted BSM, and Little Baby’s Ice Cream offered a custom ice cream called Pink Lemonade with 100% of the sales benefitting BSM.

Sustain the Sound

This March we launched our first peer-to-peer campaign called Sustain the Sound to help fund the cost of installing a new audio system. The campaign successfully raised over $6,900 and we can’t say thank you enough to everyone who participated, donated, and helped support the campaign by spreading the word about Sustain the Sound. Thanks to the generosity of our 71 donors and 11 fundraisers, we raised enough money to install a new audio system.

With the installation of a new audio system, we can continue to greet our guests in a hospitable way, make announcements, shine a spotlight on our volunteers, and play music that sets the mood for our guests, congregants, volunteers, and staff. Thank you for allowing us to continue to practice radical hospitality.

Bloomingdale’s Bag Hunger Campaign

Every year Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s host a Bag Hunger Campaign which focuses on alleviating hunger in communities where they have a presence. This year, Bloomingdale’s at Liberty Place chose BSM as their charity of choice for Bag Hunger. Through various employee initiatives during the month of March, such as dress down days and pizza parties, Bloomingdale’s associates raised enough money for BSM to open the Personal Care Pantry for all of our guests during a meal.

If you’re interested in doing a Peer to Peer fundraising campaign, reach out to Kris White at Kris@broadstreetministry.org